Sister Wives Fans Call Kody Out On Polygamy Fail

Sister WivesSister Wives Season 17 brings TLC fans plenty of opportunity to throw shade at Kody Brown. Of course, they are thrilled Christine dumped him. But, they hate the way he blames her for messing up their relationship. So, critics slam him as being emotionally too immature to be a polygamist.

Sister Wives – Kody Brown Didn’t Marry For Love

Kody Brown doesn’t want Christine to physically be around in his intimate life. But, he does want her in the family. If that sounds weird, then factor in that he’d even let her marry some other guy as long as they stuck with the family. Well, she did’t bite. Clearly, it was never about her, and all about his belief that one day he will be like a God in heaven for breeding many kids.

Sister Wives fans always believed that Kody only ever really loved Robyn. So some fans think that he just wanted Christine to be a nanny. Meanwhile, Meri only had one child, not enough to get him to paradise. And he liked that Janelle helped to bring in some money.

Sister Wives – Fans Call Out Kody Brown

On Facebook, commenters slammed Kody after Episode 1 of Season 17 aired on TLC. Sara Hudson spoke about their disgust after Kody claimed that he never thought of Christine as “attractive.” And, she opined that Christine was “decieved” by Kody when she joined the family. In the comments, other TLC viewers also slammed him.

Sister wives Kody called out polygamy
Sara Hudson / Facebook

One Sister Wives viewer felt that Kody was never a big enough man to take on the responsibilities of polygamous life. In their opinion, all he wanted was to jump in bed with a bunch of women. But, he was not man enough to do anything else. So, the critic noted that he acts like a “little boy playing house.”

Sister Wives – Everyone Hates The TLC Star?

These days, you will have to search far and wide for Sister Wives fans who have anything good to say about Kody Brown. Actually, if there is one positive to take away, dislike for him seems to cut across all political parties. And, given the divisions in the USA right now, that seems impressive.

TLC fans would love to see Janelle and Meri also leave him to stew with Robyn. But secretly, they also hope that Robyn leaves him. However, that might be too much to hope for.

What do you think about the new season thus far? Do you agree that Kody Brown was never man enough to successfully navigate in multiple relationships? Sound off in the comments below.

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