GH Spoilers Wednesday, August 31: Sasha’s Doubts, Elizabeth’s Confusion, Nikolas Caught

General Hospital: Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattson)General Hospital (GH) spoilers for Wednesday, August 31 tease Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattson) has doubts while Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) is confused. Also, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) has a realization while Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) is almost caught.

General Hospital Spoilers – Sasha Gilmore Has Doubts

Sasha Gilmore Corbin has doubts as she questions her husband Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor) when he stopped believing in her; he’s been trying to get her to submit to drug rehab. Sasha faces charges after she went berserk and attacked Grant Smoltz’s (David Lautman) car with a valet parking sign in a garage. Brando arrived just in time to stop her from going after Smoltz himself, although he was tempted to.

Smoltz and a female friend of Sasha’s were trying to set her up to be caught with drugs, and Smoltz was going to do an exposé story out of it. Brando has been trying to help Sasha, but it’s obvious she doesn’t trust him enough to let him; might this be the end of the couple?

GH Spoilers – More Questions

Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) was just having an important conversation with Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) when Port Charles Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper) interrupted. Jordan has to question everyone and anyone at the Quartermaine charity picnic after Ava Cassadine’s (Maura West) brutal attack. Finn asks someone what that was all about, and he’ll question the motives of Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) who had been with Elizabeth that night. It looks like Jordan has her work cut out for her with so many people at the picnic during the time Ava was attacked.

General Hospital Spoilers – Elizabeth Baldwin’s Confusion

Unfortunately for Elizabeth, she is having problems answering Jordan’s questions as to where she was during the time Ava was attacked. She brushed off the questions about the gash on her forehead, saying she ran into a low hanging tree limb at the picnic but looks confused. She’d admitted to Nikolas she was losing periods of time, and doesn’t seem to know where she was during the time of the attack as Jordan continues to question her.

Jordan continues to ask Elizabeth if she remembers where she was during the time of the attack. But Elizabeth continues to struggle for an answer for the police commissioner.

GH Spoilers – Trina Robinson Waits With Spencer Cassadine

Outside the room in the intensive care unit of General Hospital, Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) awaits news on Ava with Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez). They look inside as Nikolas is visiting and looking down at an unconscious Ava in the ICU bed and talk. Spencer tells Trina that he’d say his father did him a favor although how much he’ll tell her is questionable. He had just come from his hotel where he and Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) argued and interrogated each other, ultimately deciding they’d have to protect Nikolas. Cassadine family loyalty seems to trump any sense of law and order, but that’s the way of the Cassadine.

General Hospital Spoilers – An Uneasy Confrontation

Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) has an uneasy confrontation with Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) as he calls her out on her reasons for flirting with Victor. He asks Lucy what she hopes she’s going to learn from Victor, knowing that Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) put her up to it. Lucy looks composed but nervous as Valentin continues to question her, some of her questions to Victor will be about Valentin.

Anna convinced Lucy to work Victor for answers about Valentin, since she has been suspicious about his many trips out of town. She knows his rehab didn’t last as long as he said it did and she’s checking up on him.

GH Spoilers – Anna Devane’s Realization

In the meantime, Anna’s had a realization that maybe it’s Victor who’s behind Valentin’s sudden trips. She dances around subjects and suspicions as she laughs and tells a smiling Victor that she has no doubt he’s to thank for that. The spy versus spy dance is on, as Anna attempts to interrogate the former corrupt head of the WSB without him realizing it. Victor still has those in the WSB who are loyal to him even though he hasn’t been in control of the organization for many years.

General Hospital Spoilers – On The Brink

In the kitchen of Carly Corinthos’ (Laura Wright) house, Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) has dropped in for a surprise visit while Carly had some alone time. Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) took Avery Jerome-Corinthos (Ava or Grace Scarola) to GH to see her mother when she comes to. Drew and Carly have been dancing around pursuing a romantic relationship with each other even though they’ve admitted their mutual attraction is strong.

Drew tells Carly he feels like they are on the brink of something incredible, and Carly seems to agree. Shall they dance around it some more, or shall they go a little farther next time and explore?

GH Spoilers – Caught In The Act

Back to Ava’s ICU room at the hospital, Nikolas is caught in the act – or perhaps almost in the act of appearing to try to strangle Ava. He has his hands on her throat but then suddenly wheels around, obviously startled. With all the people waiting to see her and worried about her survival it could be almost anyone. Who catches Nikolas trying to finish off his wife; Spencer and Trina, Sonny, Victor, or Jordan? Or, maybe it’s Finn, and those will be motives to question him about indeed!

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