EastEnders Teases Aftermath Of Mick Carter’s Shocking Cliffhanger

Mick CarterEastEnders spoilers, news, and updates tease the aftermath of Mick Carter’s (Danny Dyer) shocking cliffhanger. Will Mick survive after diving underwater to save Linda Carter (Kellie Bright)?

Fans may recall that Mick and Linda got into a car chase with Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks), which led to their vehicle plunging into the sea. Linda managed to pull herself to the shore but Mick didn’t know that. He went underwater and tried to look for Linda.

In upcoming scenes, Linda is wrapped in a blanket at the hospital as she tries to process the traumatic events that she faced. Meanwhile, Janine and Ricky Butcher (Sid Owen) look distressed. The former has no choice but to face the consequences of what she’s done. The car chase started because of Janine’s lies as she framed Linda for causing a previous car accident.

Brooks is also leaving the soap and the episode will mark her final appearance. Having said that, fans are wondering if she’ll get her comeuppance before her exit.

EastEnders  Spoilers – Charlie Brooks Leaves EastEnders

As for Charlie Brooks, she’s leaving the show a year after returning as Janine Butcher. Her final scenes aired during EastEnders Boxing Day special episode, which also featured Mick’s tragic disappearance.

Recent scenes show that Janine tries to convince everyone that she’s innocent. In the end, she gets taken away in a police car after failing to convince Scarlett (Tabitha Byron) to lie for her. As Janine faces the reality that she’ll be going to prison, Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) and Linda are forced to accept that they will never see Mick again.

Corrie’s executive producer, Chris Clenshaw, shared that Dyer wanted to leave the show earlier than. But he agreed to stay on longer so his character would get a fitting send-off.

“Mick Carter’s not the kind of character who goes out in the back of a black cab, is he?” Clenshaw said.

“I’m very grateful to Danny for staying a little longer and giving us a Christmas Day exit because what’s really important is that we give the audience big drama on Christmas Day – there’s nothing bigger than Mick’s exit,” he added.

When it comes to Mick’s exit, Clenshaw hinted that fans need to wait and see. He added that it’s EastEnders, which means anything can happen.

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