EastEnders Spoilers: Kat Slater And Alfie Moon Share Kiss On Christmas

EastEnders - Kat Slater And Alfie Moon EastEnders spoilers, news, and updates tease that Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) and Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) share a kiss on Christmas Day. Will the pair finally reunite?

Alfie has been trying to win Kat back since he returned to town, and he managed to find an opportunity to tell her how he really feels. Alfie wanted Kat to play Snow White in the annual Christmas panto. But she declined at first.

Freddie Slater (Kevin Coughlin) found an opportunity to help Alfie. He slips laxatives in Honey Mitchel’s drink so she can’t play the role of Snow White in the panto. With Honey gone, Kat had no choice but to take over the role because she refused to practice the kiss with Alfie before the show started.

The cast was shocked to see Kat play the role of Snow White. The latter had to improvise to accommodate the changes. In the last part, when Alfie was supposed to deliver his speech, Kat switched with Karen, so Alfie kissed her in front of everyone.

Afterward, Kat confronted him about the kiss, which she refused to do because she was loyal to Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden). That’s when Alfie finally confessed how he truly feels. Kat stopped Alfie from rambling on by giving him a romantic Christmas kiss. What does this mean? Are they getting back together? What happens if Phil learns that Kat and Alfie shared a romantic kiss?

EastEnders Spoilers – Alfie Moon’s Failed Christmas Plan

Meanwhile, Alfie wants to make Christmas special for Kat and the kids. So, he dresses up as Santa and gets on the roof of the Mitchell house. He enlists the help of Freddie, but he gets distracted, and Alfie ends up getting stuck on the roof.

Meanwhile, Phil is finally home. But he’ll be greeted with some worrying news when Bert hints that Kat told Alfie that he could stay until the New Year. Later on, Phil heads outside, and when he looks up, he finds Alfie stuck in their home’s chimney. Will Phil help Get Alfie down?

Aside from the roof fiasco, Phil will make other shocking discoveries. He’ll find out what’s been happening while he’s away and that includes Alife living in his house. Kat will also come clean that Alfie has been living in the house for a month since Phil was away.

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