Anna Duggar ‘A Savage’ Who Can’t Stand Her In-Laws?

Anna DuggarA source who happens to be a former Duggar family friend has come forward to describe Anna Duggar as “quite a savage” and says she can’t stand Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

A Redditor, who claims to be a former friend of the Duggar family, has let the cat out of the bag on, not just Anna, but several Duggar family members. The source also discussed the alleged cheating incident involving Justin Duggar, when he and Claire Spivey first began to date. Continue reading and we’ll give you the low down.

Anna Duggar – May Not Be What She Seems

If you’ve been a Duggar fan for long enough, you may have seen more than a few proverbial cracks in Anna’s veneer. Many Counting On fans assume she’s the perfect Duggar, sweet, kind, and friendly.

For the average viewer watching the show or checking out Anna’s social media accounts, the former Counting On star appears to get along well with everyone in the Duggar family. She seems to be a dutiful mother to her seven children as well. Up to now, there has been no reason to think otherwise but long-time Counting On fans may be surprised.

Anna Duggar  – Source Claims Anna Has Been ‘Talking Mad Sh*t’

Over on Reddit, a former friend of the Duggars opened a dialogue for fans and critics to ask questions about their favorite former Counting On star. Many Redditors wanted to know more about Anna Duggar’s personality.

In the Reddit thread, the source, using the moniker Odd-Shake9627, wrote, “She was sitting with the babysitter for her kids talking mad sh*t about how much she was annoyed with laura and Jana, also talking mad sh*t about this sub Reddit. Can’t give details because it would expose a few things but Anna is a no BS kinda woman when it comes to drama, when it comes to pest, i can’t really say anything besides she thinks he’s innocent.”

Anna Duggar  – Source: ‘Anna’s Actually Quite a Savage’

The source then dropped a bomb, writing that Anna was “actually quite a savage, she can’t stand her in laws but they’re providing for her right now so she sticks around. I know she’s the one who seems best at keeping sweet but she’ll fight a b*tch in private.”

Counting On fans may recall that Josh Duggar recently filed a request for an appeal or a new trial on his conviction for downloading and possessing child pornography. The last Instagram post Anna Duggar made was in February.

The post contained a reference to Josh’s filing and says, simply, “There is more to the story:” and then directs followers to a link in her bio. Be sure and keep up with your favorite Duggar and return here often for more spoilers, news, and updates

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