Amy King Opens Up About Cousin, Josh Duggar

Amy King Duggar family news reveals that Amy King is ready to speak out more about her famous cousin, Josh Duggar. Amy has always been seen as the black sheep in the family and she never holds her tongue when it comes to matters of the Duggars. Now it looks like she is sharing some insight on why her cousin never touched her when he was alleged of molesting young girls in his family.

Duggar Family – Amy King And Josh Duggar’s Past

Amy has been upfront about how much she dislikes her cousin, Josh. She doesn’t think he should be around any children, let alone his own, and feels that he needs to rot in jail. Recently, she opened up more about the charges and his past. She recently told her fans that she wanted to ask him just why he never tried anything with her while he was molesting his sisters and her cousins.

According to Amy, Josh told her that he never tried anything with her “Because I knew you would’ve kicked my ass.” She admitted that she would’ve if he had tried anything with her.

Duggar Family – Amy King Feels Uneasy

No matter what the answer Josh gave Amy, she admits that it did rub her the wrong way. She was shocked that he cursed at her, which is something he doesn’t ever do. Then she added, “It shows that he knew who to target, people who were weaker and who were going to be too scared to say anything. And it’s so messed up, so screwed up, but he knew that.” No matter what he told Amy, she still stands by the fact that he is a messed up person and that what he did was wrong.

Josh is sitting in prison in Texas currently and serving 12 and a half years for possession of child pornography. His wife, Anna Duggar seems to be the only one standing by his side and this process has been telling. His family seems to have gone completely quiet when it comes to his case and many of them have disappeared altogether from social media.

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