Days of Our Lives News: Jen Lilley Wins Court Battle

Days of Our Lives News: Jen Lilley Wins Court BattleDays of Our Lives star Jen Lilley took to social media to announce that she and her husband have finally won the battle to adopt their son’s biological sibling. Jen posted the following on her Instagram and Twitter accounts :

“In case you missed yesterday’s post, baby J is finally legally freed for adoption! #Fostercare is like going through a corn maze where you can’t find your way out but you know it’s somewhere, but you also don’t know what it looks like, or if you’re close or miles away. All the while throughout the journey, there’s little beams of sunlight that shine brightly in the most uncertain moments. I have no idea how many children I’ll #foster or #adopt, but I’m so glad we’ll get to legally call this little one our son one day! ❤️❤️ Thank you for your prayers and support! They seriously carried us along!”

Days of Our Lives News – Jen Lilley Advocates For Foster Care

Jen and her husband adopted their first foster son shortly before their daughter’s birth in June 2019. Jen is a celebrity spokesperson for foster care and has been impatiently waiting for the green light to proceed with the adoption of her second foster son. Baby J as he is referred to at the present time was, at one point, at risk for being returned to his biological family. However, Jen and her husband have fought for months to keep the biological siblings together. Kaden and his brother J. are half siblings but with Jen’s family, they are considered a whole.

Jen has had both the boys from a young age and wanted them to continue to have a permanent relationship as brothers. Jen was also thrilled when she found out her biological child was a daughter. The boys won’t be comparing themselves to a biology male child, at least for the present time. Jen wants her children to know that she loves them all the same no matter how many other kids she fosters or adopts.

Days of Our Lives News – Jen Lilley Opens Up About Legal Drama With Son

Jen, who is a very caring person has asked for prayers for her soon to be adopted son’s parents as losing a child is rough on anyone. The child’s parents’ rights have to be terminated so the adoption can take place. With the recent court decision, the termination of parental rights is set to proceed so the adoption can take place.

Jen is extremely relieved to have this ordeal over with an to know that she doesn’t have to give up this child she has grown to love as her own. Congratulation Jen on the end of a long battle and the start of a beautiful life with your three children.

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