General Hospital Recap Tuesday, January 8: Cameron Gets A Tough Judge – Jocelyn Determined To Save Oscar

General Hospital Recap Tuesday, January 8: Cameron Gets A Tough Judge - Jocelyn Determined To Save Oscar General Hospital (GH) recap for Tuesday, January 8, 2019, reveals Franco (Roger Howarth) and Liz (Rebecca Herbst) are at the courthouse waiting for Cameron’s (William Lipton) hearing.

GH Spoilers Alexis Hopes Cameron Gets Diversion

Franco tells Liz about Oscar’s (Garren Stitt) news. Liz can’t believe this is happening, and they hoped the trial would at least buy Oscar some time. Franco says he text Drew (Billy Miller), but he figures he needs some time to process. Liz tells Franco that she never stopped grieving for Jake (Hudson West), but he came back. Franco can’t believe this is happening.

Liz tells Franco the lesson from this is to be grateful for what you have at the moment. Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) tells Liz and Franco that they are going to ask for a diversion. Cameron tells them he is ready to face the judge. Cameron doesn’t know that Oscar hasn’t beaten cancer. Cameron hopes to get a do-over with the law. Franco asks if Cameron should explain the situation. Alexis says it depends on the judge, Cameron gets Judge Carson.

General Hospital Spoilers Oscar Realizes Cameron Is In Court Because Of Him

General Hospital’s Cameron stops by to see Oscar. Cameron is excited that Oscar is getting out of the hospital, he needed some good news today. Cameron tells Oscar he could have sent him a text. Cameron thinks Oscar beat cancer. Cameron keeps talking, and Oscar doesn’t tell him that the trial didn’t work. Oscar asks why Cameron has to go to court, is it over shoplifting?

Cameron tells Oscar he was arrested for trying to buy weed, Oscar asks if he smokes weed. Cameron tells him, no, so Oscar asks why he bought it. Cameron tells Oscar that he was going to make pot brownies for him. Cameron says Oscar getting out is a sign that things are going to be ok. Cameron hands Oscar his calendar and tells him not to forget it. Cameron goes through the calendar and asks Oscar about some of the activities.

Cameron tells Oscar how lucky he is and tells him he has to get to court. Cameron makes Oscar promise not to tell Jocelyn about the weed because he doesn’t want her to know how crazy things got. Jocelyn (Eden McCoy) goes to see Oscar, and they prepare to leave the hospital. Oscar wants to do everything he and Jocelyn made plans to do. Jocelyn and Oscar go out to get something to eat and to have some fun.

GH Sam Warns Drew About Hank

General Hospital’s Sam (Kelly Monaco) takes Scout (Palmer and Poe Parker) to Monica’s (Leslie Charleston) for a visit. Sam wants to talk to Drew about Hank (Coby Ryan McLaughlin). Sam tells Drew about Hank approaching Jason (Steve Burton) at the Floating Rib. Sam tells Drew that there is no way that Hank mistook Jason for him. Everyone in Port Charles knows the difference between Jason and Drew. Sam tells Drew that Hank is Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) and she believes he is trying to use Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) to get to her.

Sam tells Drew that she was married to Hank’s father and cleaned out his bank accounts so, therefore, she stole from him. Drew tells Sam that he can’t help her but will let her know if he hears anything. Sam question why Drew is not reacting and asks if something else is going on with him. Carly (Laura Wright) shows up to speak to Drew and Sam moves to leave.


Drew asks Sam to stay because she needs to know what is going on as well. Drew tells Sam that the treatment failed and Oscar is terminal. Carly tells Drew that Jocelyn was up all night looking for cures. Drew says Oscar gets to decide how he spends the rest of his life and Drew will do whatever Oscar wants. Carly says that Jocelyn’s first reaction is to fight, Drew says he gets it from her. Carly offers to help in any way she can.

General Hospital Kim Tells Alexis The Trial Failed

General Hospital’s Kim (Tamara Braun) is trying to find new trials for Oscar to join but has no luck. Alexis stops by Kim’s office and wants to set the record straight. Alexis tells Kim that she knows she and Julian (William DeVry) broke up, but he didn’t break up with her because of him. Kim tells Alexis she doesn’t give a damn who Julian slept with and asks her to get out of her office.

Kim asks why she should be the one to smooth things over; this isn’t about her and Julian. Kim tells Alexis she tried to ignore that tie between Alexis and Julian, but it was always there. Kim tells Alexis if she wants to write her next chapter with Julian to do that. Alexis says she shouldn’t have come here; she was trying to help her make some sense out of it. Kim says nothing makes sense, and it has nothing to do with her or Julian. Kim tells Alexis that the therapy failed and the tumor has tangled with major blood vessels.

Kim tells Alexis they told Oscar about it last night. Kim doesn’t know how Oscar is processing this, and she has been calling everyone she can think of to contact. Kim tells Alexis that she’s not getting any good news back. Kim says she has made a mess of this whole thing. Kim tells Alexis that Oscar was right to hire her to get away from her. Kim says she dangled hope in front of Oscar.

She took time away from Oscar for nothing because he is going to die. Alexis tells Kim she took the case to get Oscar to take the treatment. Oscar chose hope willingly and freely. Alexis apologizes to Kim and hopes that something changes because she wants Oscar to be around for a long time. Kim goes to Oscar’s room and finds that calendar that Jocelyn bought him. Oscar calls and tells Kim he is out with Jocelyn, she tells him to be careful and promises to see him at home.

GH Jocelyn Asks Carly For Help

General Hospital’s Carly comes home from voting for mayor. Jocelyn needs Carly to get Sonny Maurice Benard) to help her and Oscar, Carly asks what they need. Jocelyn gives Carly a list of places they can try to talk Oscar too for help. Carly asks if Oscar shouldn’t finish the trial he is in first. Jocelyn tells Carly the trial didn’t work and it’s up to them to save Oscar’s life now.

Carly asks Jocelyn if she has talked to Drew and Kim about these options. Carly asks for details about some of the ads and doctors. Jocelyn tells Carly that Kim is a doctor and doesn’t look at the holistic approaches to things. Carly tells Jocelyn that they can’t move forward without Kim and Drew’s ok. Carly tries to tell Jocelyn that Kim and Drew aren’t giving up, they are honest, that’s what Oscar wanted. Carly tells Jocelyn that maybe Drew and Kim don’t want to chase after cures.

Jocelyn says it is up to her to be the strong one. Carly offers to go to Kim and Drew and offered them the jet and anything else they might need. Carly assures Jocelyn she is there for her. Sam apologizes to Drew and wishes there was something she could do. Drew tells them that Terri was very clear, Oscar has a few weeks to a few months but less than a year. Drew says Jocelyn took it very well. Carly tells Drew she is there to offer him the jet if they want to take Oscar out of town for treatment.

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