Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Recap Wednesday, May 1: Claire Has To Move – Lani Shocks Eli

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Eli Grant (Lamon Archey) - Lani Price’(Sal Stowers)Days of Our Lives Eli Grant (Lamon Archey) informs J.J. Deveraux (Casey Moss) that the lighter he found in Claire Brady’s (Olivia Rose Keegan) jewelry box cannot be traced to the cabin fire that almost killed Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal). Claire suggests that Jordan Ridgeway (Chrisell Hartley) is the one who set the fire. J.J. believes there is more to the story and still thinks this is the right lighter but returns it to Claire anyway.

Days of Our Lives Valerie Grant (Vanessa Williams) has returned to Salem for Abe Carver’s (James Reynolds) debate with Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford). Eli bumps into his mother outside the pub and tells her about Lani Price’s (Sal Stowers) obsession with Jordan’s baby. Lani walks up with baby David as Eli and Valerie are talking.

Valerie offers to watch David while Lani spends time with Eli or goes to work, Lani refuses. Valerie tries to talk to Lani about the baby and her attachment to him, Lani accuses Eli of putting her up to it. Lani excuses herself and heads to the debate and bumps into J.J. on the way. J.J. and Lani talk about David, and he sees nothing wrong with Lani giving the baby the attention he needs. Later Lani goes to the station to ask for a leave of absence to take care of the baby.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Jack Deveraux Has A Plan

While Days of Our Lives Sheila Watkins (Tionne “t-Boz” Watkins) and Abe celebrate Abe’s gain in the polls, Jack is planning on putting a wrench in Abe’s surge. Valerie surprises Abe letting him know she is there to support him and promises to meet him at the debate. Valerie is in the audience as the debate begins. Jack and Abe go back and forth on the issues because Jack brings up Abe’s personal life.

Abe claims not to be romantically involved with Sheila and Valerie back him up. Jack also makes comments about Haley Dalton that causes J.J. to lash out against him. J.J. defends Haley saying he betrayed her and she is in love with Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams). J.J. says Jack is the one who is lying to the public, but Jack shows the crowd a picture of Sheila and Abe kissing which causes an uproar.

Days of Our Lives Justin Kiriakis calls Haley and informs her she’s not being deported. However, her green card could take years to come through. Claire arrives at the loft and gets an update on Haley’s immigration status. Meanwhile, the ICE agent arrives and is surprised to find Claire living with the newly married couple.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Haley Chen Gets A Reprieve

Haley thanks fast on her feet and hands Claire a box of her things claiming to be helping her pack because Claire is moving out. The ICE agent leaves reminding Tripp and Haley they will continue to be under close scrutiny. When the agent leaves, Claire demands Haley to call her back and tell her she was mistaken. Haley offers to do just that, but Tripp refuses saying she was right.

Days of Our Lives Tripp defends Haley to Claire and says she is right; Claire needs to move out. Tripp doesn’t believe it looks good for his ex-girlfriend to be living with him and his wife.

Claire reminds Tripp that she didn’t agree to years of marriage; this was supposed to last a few months. Claire finds Tripp and Haley’s wedding photo and rips it in two. Claire holds a lighter under the picture as if to burn it.

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