Days Of Our Lives Spoilers & Recap Wednesday, February 13: Ben Pulls A Gun On Hope – Rafe Finds Kate

Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Wednesday, February 13, 2019, reveals Diana (Judith Chapman) meets with John (Drake Hogestyn) to talk. Diana assumes John wants to talk about Leo (Greg Rikaart).

DOOL Spoilers Leo Is John’s Son

John says he wants to talk about Leo and his father. Diana tells John she’s not giving John any information about Leo. Diana tells John that she loves her son and won’t betray him. John wants to know if Diana’s husband was Leo’s biological father. John tells Diana she knows Leo could have been his. Diana asks what gives John that idea; John says he did the math.

Diana says John could do a DNA test, but she will save him the trouble. Diana tells John he is Leo’s father. John wants to know why Diana didn’t tell him about the baby. Diana said she had already met someone when she found out she was pregnant and her husband agreed to raise him. Diana assumed John had moved on as he had. Diana says she thought John was claiming paternity when he tracked her down.

John wants to know why Diana didn’t tell him the truth the day they met. Diana says she couldn’t tell John that his son was calling Will’s (Chandler Massey) problems. Diana wants John to keep quiet about Leo’s paternity. John tells Diana he needs to think about this and leaves.

Leo Pressures Sonny For Sex

Days Of Our Lives’ Leo leaves Sonny (Freddie Smith) a card with a picture of himself on the floor when Sonny and Will thought he was dead. Leo comes in and says I see you found my card. Sonny threatens to call his lawyers about the case. Leo threatens to send Sonny and Will to prison if he doesn’t agree to sex. Leo tells Sonny he would hate to see him taken to jail and Will getting arrested would kill Sonny.

Leo insists Sonny sleep with him or the police will be involved. Gabi (Camila Banus) arrives at the mansion and sees Sonny. Gabi tells Sonny he looks like he’s heading to the gallows. Sonny tells Gabi about Leo’s threats and starts to go upstairs. Gabi stops Sonny and tells him she’s not letting this happen. Gabi tells Sonny she wants what he and Will have and she’s going to make sure they spend Valentine’s Day together. Leo comes downstairs, and Sonny tells him he will be right there. Gabi goes to Leo’s room and tells him she told Sonny she wanted them to get better acquainted.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers Marlena Encourages Will

Days Of Our Lives’ Will is writing a card for Sonny, Marlena (Deidre Hall) joins him. Will asks if Ben has gone crazy again. Marlena wishes Ben the best. Marlena and Will talk about Leo. Marlena tells Will that John used to know Leo’s mom. Marlena tells Will that Diana used to be Diana Coleville. Marlena assures Will that John doesn’t mind pushing Diana for more information. Will tells Marlena he has carried around a card for Sonny all day but can’t even write in it because there is no point.

Will tells Marlena he is starting to lose hope. Will starts to leave, and Marlena stops him. Marlena tells Will that she and John have had their challenges. Will says he has talked to John about that. Marlena tells Will she and John faced every challenge together. Marlena tells Will to keep fighting for his and Sonny’s relationship, and they will be together soon. Marlena is outside, and John joins her. Marlena asks if John got any information on Leo.


DOOL Spoilers Eli Doubts Ben’s Guilt

Days Of Our Lives’ Hope (Kristian Alfonso) tells Eli (Lamon Archey) they have enough to charge Ben with kidnapping and put him away for a very long time. Hope gets a message from Rafe (Galin Gering) saying he just got into town. Eli plays voicemails from Ciara’s (Victoria Konefal) phone and tells her this isn’t adding up. Hope tries to convince Eli that Ben doesn’t remember kidnapping Ciara and that is why he sounded concerned. Hope realizes Ben is talking to himself and asks how to get Ben to be honest with her about Ciara.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers Ben Realizes Jordan Framed Him

Days of Our Lives’ Ben is in the interrogation room and begins to question himself when he sees a vision of Ciara. Ciara asks Ben if he thinks it is true what people are saying. Ben thinks he is going crazy, Ciara tells Ben he knows what is real and what isn’t so he’s sane. Ben imagines Ciara telling him someone framed him. Ben thinks the cops are behind this, but Ciara convinces him otherwise. Ciara asks Ben if he can think of someone else who might have done this and he thinks he knows.

Ben thinks that Tripp (Lucas Adams) planted the evidence since he had done it before, but Ciara talks him down. Ciara asks Ben if anyone has been in his room, he thinks of Jordan (Chrishell Stause). Ben talks it through with Ciara’s image and figures out Jordan could have easily taken Charlotte (Matilda Hanna and Chloe Teperman). Ben’s vision of Ciara makes him realize that Jordan has Charlotte and Ciara.

Ben asks how Jordan could do this and set him up to take the fall. Ciara tells Ben she is sorry, Ben says I can’t believe this. Eli comes in and asks what Ben can’t believe. Eli takes the cuffs off and tells Ben he is charging him with two counts of kidnapping. Hope listens to Rafe’s message while Ben gets Eli’s gun and tells Hope not to alert anyone or he will shoot her.

DOOL Gabi Tips Off Rafe

Days Of Our Lives’ Gabi runs into Rafe in the square. Gabi tells Rafe about seeing Jordan in the square with Kate (Lauren Koslow). Both Rafe and Gabi think Jordan helping Kate is odd. Rafe questions why Jordan and Kate would be together because they aren’t friends. Rafe calls Hope and leaves a message saying he is going to check on something to do with Ben’s case and he will be there as soon as he does. Rafe goes to Kate’s room to talk to her; she doesn’t answer the door. Kate falls into the floor, Rafe breaks into her room and goes to her.

Days Of Our Lives Jordan Plans To Kill Ciara

Days of Our Lives Jordan gets Kate to the hotel room and vows to make sure she doesn’t bother anyone else again. Jordan goes to her purse and gets a syringe. Jordan goes back to the cabin and tells Ciara about Ben’s arrest. Jordan says he had to do this to keep Ciara and Charlotte safe from Ben. Ciara tries to get Jordan to let them go. Jordan tells Ciara she can trust Charlotte not to say anything, but she can’t trust her.

Ciara promises to stay quiet, Jordan tells Ciara she will go back to Salem and Ben. Jordan tells Ciara she needs to die. Jordan tells Ciara if Ben gets out of jail, she will be in danger again. Jordan says Ben would eventually kill Ciara. Jordan says this way Ciara’s death will mean Ben stays locked up for good. Jordan plans to set another fire, and everyone will think Ben is responsible.

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