Days of Our Lives Recap Thursday, January 10: Trask Threatens Chad – Chloe Is Upset Over Holly

Days of Our Lives Recap Thursday, January 10: Trask Threatens Chad - Chloe Is Upset Over Holly Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Thursday, January 10, 2019, reveals J.J. (Casey Moss) is talking to Chad (Billy Flynn) about his desire to reunite with Abby (Kate Mansi).

DOOL Spoilers Julie Plans A Dinner For Abby

J.J. tells Chad that Abby is angry but asks what he can do to help. Chad tells J.J. he is planning a huge dinner at Doug’s Place for Abby. J.J. tells Chad he isn’t Abby’s favorite person at the moment, Chad tells him to join the club. Chad tells J.J. it’s a little more complicated than getting Abby to the dinner. Chad calls Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) and tells her J.J. has agreed to help him.

Julie tells Chad about flowers she has ordered for Abby and said she would do what she can to help. Julie tells Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) she rented the club out for a private event. Brady asks Chloe to go out for dinner. Chloe wants to get the kids and declines. Chloe calls Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) and tells her she’s coming to pick up the kids. Chloe is upset that Holly (Scarlett and Harlow Mallory) is with Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) and Eric (Greg Vaughan). Julie tells Abby she and Doug (Bill Hayes) are babysitting and she has a surprise for her at Doug’s Place and tells her to go upstairs and get dressed.

Abby refuses to go when she figures out that Chad has something planned. Julie pushes Abby to go to the dinner with Chad since she almost died to help her. Abby tells Julie that having dinner with Chad isn’t doing to change anything. Julie doesn’t understand why Abby won’t give Chad a chance but forgives Gabi (Camila Banus). Julie tells Abby she isn’t far. Julie tells Abby that Chad deserves a chance to make things up to her. Julie tells Abby that love isn’t always perfect. Julie says forgiveness is hard, she and Doug know that, but they had a long and happy life because of it. Abby comes downstairs dressed for a night out. Julie text Chad who looks at Stefano’s (Joe Mascolo) portrait and tells him to wish him luck. Chad runs upstairs to get ready for dinner.

Days Of Our Lives J.J. Wants To Be Haley’s Friend

Days of Our Lives’ J.J. sees Haley (Thia Megia) on the phone and asks if she’s ok. Haley tells J.J. that she had an appointment with Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and had to agree to talk to a therapist. Haley tells J.J. she has an appointment with Marlena (Deidre Hall). J.J. tells her how great Marlena is. J.J. asks Haley about what she is keeping from Kayla. Haley accuses J.J. of running to Kayla with all his concerns.

Haley accuses J.J. of having an ulterior motive. J.J. says he is trying to pay it forward and he is a good friend if she wants to confide in him. J.J. gets a page for work. Haley gets a call and tells the caller to stop pressuring her. J.J. goes to look for Haley, but she is gone. J.J. calls and asks her to get in touch with him.

DOOL Spoilers Trask Tries To Blackmail Abby

Days of Our Lives’ D.A. Trask (Laura Kai Chen) shows up to speak to Abby; she says she is hoping for Justice. The D.A. tries to convince Abby to change her mind and press charges against Gabi. Abby tells the D.A. that she and Gabi and their kids don’t need anymore hurt. The D.A. threatens to go after Chad is Abby won’t help prosecute Gabi. Trask says she will charge Chad with kidnapping.

Abby tells Trask she refuses to testify against the father of her children. Trask says she has worked too hard for her career to let Abby ruin it. Abby throws Trask out of the house. Trask meets Haley in the park and asks about her appointment with Kayla. Trask tells Haley she hopes she kept her mouth shut.


Days Of Our Lives Brady Tries To Reason With Eve

Days of Our Lives’ Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Chloe are looking at pictures of Tate (Kyle and Colin Schroeder). Brady has just returned from a visit with him. Brady is concerned about the moments he is missing with his son. Eve (Kassie DePaiva) comes upon Chloe and Brady hugging in the square. Eve insinuates that Chloe and Brady are together, Brady explains he just got back from visiting Tate.

Eve tells Brady that Jack is glad to see her and appreciates her help and turns to leave. Brady stops Eve; he needs to talk to her. Brady asks what Eve is up too now and why she is torturing Jennifer (Melissa Reeves). Eve accuses Brady of being jealous. Brady doesn’t want Eve with Jack Deveraux. Brady would rather see the Eve that he knows.

Brady tells Eve that Tate asks about her and shows her a picture that Tate drew of her. Brady tells Eve that Tate remembers how kind she was to him. Eve says kindness hasn’t gotten her anything; she’s tired of losing and this time she’s going to win. Brady asks Eve if toying with an amnesiac is her idea of winning. Brady tries to tell Eve she is better than this. Eve tells Brady not to sell revenge short. Eve goes home searching for Jack, but he’s not there.

DOOL Eric Makes A Decision

Days of Our Lives’ Eric is putting a picture of Nicole (Arianne Zucker) in a frame. Sarah shows up with Holly for a visit. Sarah left Maggie a note telling her she was visiting Eric with Holly. Eric doesn’t believe Maggie or Chloe would have agreed to the visit. Holly works puzzles with Eric and Sarah. Eric shows Holly a picture of Nicole and talks to her about her mom.

Eric talks about how amazing Holly is. Sarah tells Eric he handled the conversation about Nicole very well. Eric says this is what Nicole wanted and it’s pretty amazing. Chloe shows up at Eric’s demanding Holly now. Chloe accuses Eric of putting Sarah up to bringing her over there. Eric tells Chloe this has to stop, he’s decided what to do about her custody.

Days Of Our Lives Ben Walks Out On Ciara

Days of Our Lives’ Ciara (Victoria Konefal) is yelling at Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) over his alliance with Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan). Ben says he is guilty as charged. Ciara asks Ben why he would go along with Claire’s idea. Ben tells Ciara he wanted to be with her and thought that was the only way he would have a chance with her. Ben tells Ciara the whole alliance was about Claire pushing them together so she could have time with Tripp (Lucas Adams).

Ben asks Ciara if this is an excuse to break up with him. Ciara tells Ben to go back to Stefan (Tyler Christopher) and kidnap some more people. Ben tells Ciara that he doesn’t work for Stefan anymore. Ben tells Ciara about Stefan’s arrest. Ciara tells Ben she wanted him to make the right choice, but he didn’t someone made it for him. Ciara says Ben never cared about her at all. Ben tells her she’s made up her mind already and he won’t waste any more of her time and turns to leave.

Ciara tells Ben he is twisting what she said, Ben tells her he finally gets it and leaves. Ben sits outside the pub and thinks about his and Ciara first kiss. Ciara calls Theo and asks if he is ok with her coming to visit.

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