Days of Our Lives Recap Monday, January 7: Jack Discovers His Dark Side – Xander Demands A Job

Days of Our Lives Recap Monday, January 7: Jack Discovers His Dark Side - Xander Demands A Job Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Monday, January 7, 2019, reveals Roman (Josh Taylor) tells Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) about Stefan’s (Tyler Christopher) indictment.

DOOL Spoilers – Kayla Introduces Herself To Jack

Kayla wishes she could be there to see Stefan’s face. Roman and Kayla drink to the downfall of Stefan Dimera. Jack (Matthew Ashford) walks into the pub, Kayla says his name, and he looks at her. Jack asks Kayla about their relationship. Jack tells Kayla he wants to meet Steve (Stephen Nichols) Kayla tells Jack they had a good relationship when he died.

Kayla tells Jack about her affair with Steve and that he raped her. Jack apologizes to Kayla, and she tells him it isn’t necessary. Kayla tells Jack he became a good friend, husband, and father. Jack asks Kayla how he changed, Kayla tells him Jennifer’s love changed him. Kayla tells Jack a lot of people in this town love him, and Jennifer is at the top of that list.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Hope Tries To Make A Deal With Stefan

Days of Our Lives’ Rafe (Galen Gering) has placed Stefan under arrest and took him to jail. Rafe takes Stefan to the station to wait for the FBI. Hope (Kristian Alfonso) tells Rafe they don’t have enough evidence to hold him for kidnapping. Hope asks why Stefan is there, Rafe tells her he is waiting for the feds.

Rafe wants to know why Hope was at Ciara’s (Victoria Konefal); she claims it was because of what Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) did to Gabi (Camila Banus). Hope offers Stefan help if he gives her Ben. Stefan tells Hope he won’t be rolling over on Ben today, he likes the guy, and he is loyal. Stefan asks Hope if she’s innocent, she did shoot an unarmed man. Hope tells Stefan he is making a mistake; he says we will see and tells her to send his lawyer in when he arrives.

DOOL Spoiers Ciara Needs Time To Decide

Days of Our Lives’ Ben asks if Hope is going to arrest him or not. Hope asks Ben if he kidnapped Gabi for Stefan. Ciara demands Ben answer Hope. Ben tells Hope he’s not saying anything without his attorney. Ben says it’s Gabi’s word against his, and her word isn’t reliable. Ciara tells Hope she needs to leave. Hope tells Ciara that Ben hasn’t changed and demanded Ciara listen to her.

Hope wants Ciara to walk away from Ben before he can’t. Hope leaves and Ciara demands the truth from Ben about kidnapping Gabi. Ciara wants to know what Ben would have done if Gabi had fought back. Ciara compares Ben to a rapist, and he is very upset. Ciara tells Ben she’s not calling him a rapist. Ben tells Ciara it brought back bad memories to her. Ciara wants to know what happens if Stefan asks Ben to hurt someone. Ben tells Ciara he didn’t hurt Gabi most of his jobs are security jobs.

Ciara isn’t comfortable with Ben’s choices, and he asks Ciara if she is asking him to quit his job. Ciara tells Ben she won’t tell him to quit his job, she knows Stefan was the only one who would hire him. Ben tells Ciara he wants to keep his job, but Ciara is the most important thing in his life. Ciara tells Ben she needs time to think about this. Ben kisses her forehead and tells her to figure this out. Ben leaves Ciara to decide what she wants.


Days Of Our Lives Spoilers Xander Is Back And Bearing Gifts

Days of Our Lives’ Victor (John Aniston) is on the phone talking about how he shouldn’t have put a Dimera in charge of Titan. Xander (Paul Telfer) walks in and says he could have told him that would be a disaster. Xander walks in, and Victor asks what he is doing there. Victor had hoped Xander died with Nicole (Arianne Zucker). Xander tells Victor he is there to be welcomed back into the family. Victor threatens to call security on Xander. Xander has a flash drive that Xander thinks can save the company.

Xander shows Victor a flash Drive and loads it into the computer. Xander asks Victor if he has his attention. Victor demands to know where Xander got inside information on Dimera. Victor says he would turn the company over to Ciara before he would give it to him. Xander tells Victor there is more on the flash drive, Victor offers to buy it, but Xander refuses. Xander is sure he will be running the business soon.

Victor figures out after speaking to Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) that Eve (Kassie DePaiva) gave Xander the flash drive. Xander comes to the living room in a towel and invites Maggie to go skinny dipping in the heated pool. Victor tells Xander to show some decency. Xander wants to have a feast and makes some food suggestions. Maggie wants Victor to explain what is going on now.

Maggie Vows To Help Jennifer

Days of Our Lives’ Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) tells Maggie she has to find out where Jack has been and what happened to him. Jennifer tells Maggie she is checking on the side effects of the serum. Maggie believes Jack will remember Jennifer anyway. Jennifer says she mourned Jack for years and losing him almost broke her. Maggie is going to help any way she can.

Eve Lies To Jennifer

Days of Our Lives’ Eve starts kissing Jack and wants to make love to him. Jack remembers kissing Jennifer and backs away. Eve tells Jack not to fight it, but Jack tells her he can’t do this and pulls away from her. Eve believes Jack has gone looking for Jennifer and went after him. Eve shows up on Jennifer’s doorstep looking for Jack. Eve storms into Jennifer’s house looking for Jack.

Jennifer asks Eve if Jack is so content with her, why can’t she find him. Jennifer tells Eve that she underestimates her and Jack’s connection. Eve tells Jennifer that Jack’s home is with her, in her bed, where he was just a little while ago. Jennifer tells Eve she is lying. Jennifer says what was going on in bed must not have been that interesting or Jack wouldn’t have left. Eve says she slowed things down, Jennifer doesn’t believe her. Eve vows to be Jack’s wife again.

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