Days Of Our Lives Recap Friday, January 11: Melinda Throw Haley Out – Chad Offers Eve A Job

Days Of Our Lives Recap Friday, January 11: Melinda Throw Haley Out - Chad Offers Eve A Job Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Friday January 11, 2019 reveals Abby (Kate Mansi) arrives at Doug’s Place to meet Chad (Billy Flynn) for dinner. Chad has left her a note saying he is unable to make it for dinner.

DOOL Spoilers Chad Sets Up A Family Dinner For Abby

Chad’s note goes on to say that he wanted Abby to spend time talking to her family. J.J. (Casey Moss) and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) meet with Abby, and she is upset that the three of them are working against her again. Abby can’t believe that Jennifer and J.J. thought this was a good idea. J.J. tells Abby he misses them having dinner together. Abby starts to leave when Jack (Matthew Ashford) joins them.

Jack asked if they should sit down. Jack tells them that Chad showed up and asked him to have dinner with his family. Jack says Chad offered him ten thousand dollars to have dinner with them. Everyone is surprised that Jack took the money, he says at least he’s not sponging off of Eve. Jack asks about his grandchildren, J.J. asks how much Jack will charge to see them. Jennifer talks about how much Charlotte looks like the Deveraux’s. Jack says the kids look nothing like him. Jack sense tension between Abby and J.J. and asks about it.

Jack says it must be hard for J.J. to be the man of the family at his age. Jennifer asks Jack when his wedding is. Jack tells Jennifer he has no intention of getting married, she tells him about Eve’s (Kassie DePaiva) plan to be his wife. J.J. wishes Jack good luck in dealing with Eve. Both J.J. and Jennifer tell Jack that Eve has a way of getting what she wants. Jack wants everyone to tell him about another dinner they had together. They tell Jack about visiting J.J. in London and having greasy fish and chips. They talk about a small theater and seeing Romeo and Juliet. They talk about music and how much they loved the production.

Jack asks if they modernized the language of the play, they tell him no. J.J. tells Jack about the play and how it compared to him and a girl he liked at the time. Jennifer recites a poem from the play, and Jack finishes it. Jack toasts Shakespeare, and the others join him. Abby and J.J. excuse themselves so Jack and Jennifer can talk. Jack warns Abby about people who try to buy her attention. Abby tells Jack that Chad understand her and they have had issues, but Chad helped her when they thought he had died. Abby kisses Jack and tells him he needs to talk to J.J. about Eve and why he doesn’t trust her.

Jennifer thinks Jack for coming to dinner and tells him it meant a lot to the kids. Jack asks what it means to her. Jennifer tells Jack that tonight got to her, she didn’t think they would ever be sitting around a table together again. Jack says it meant a lot to him; he wishes he could remember. Jennifer offers to tell Jack anything he wants to know about their life together. Jack asks Jennifer what he was like, Jennifer quotes the speech to him, and he joins her. Jennifer tells Jack they built the most wonderful life together.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers Chad Offers Eve A Job In Paris

Days of Our Lives’ Eve is looking for Jack when Chad shows up at the door. Eve says she won’t let Chad in until he tells her what he wants. Chad presses things and Eve invites him in saying she will probably regret it. Chad tells Eve he is back in charge at Dimera and offers her a job. Chad offers Eve the job of Senior Vice President and has a contract ready for her to sign.

Eve is upset that the job is in Paris. Eve tells Chad she can’t leave Salem right now, she has too many irons in the fire and accuses him of trying to score points with Jennifer and Abby. Eve turns down Chad’s offer; he tells her to think about making a new start in a new city and leaves. Eve looks over the contract. Chad toasts Stefano’s (Joe Mascolo) portrait and says he’s to hoping it worked and Abby had a wonderful time with her family. Abby walks in as he finishes his toast.

DOOL Maggie Thinks Brady Is Falling For Chloe

Days of Our Lives’ Brady (Eric Martsolf) shows up and tears into Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) over Sarah (Lindsey Godfrey) taking Holly (Harlow and Scarlett Mallory) to visit Eric (Greg Vaughan) without Chloe’s (Nadia Bjorlin) permission. Maggie tells Brady to get off his high horse about Holly. Maggie tells Brady that Chloe has no problem with Eric seeing Holly and she didn’t give her permission, Sarah left her a note. Maggie tells Brady he is defending Chloe and he’s still getting over Eve.

Maggie warns him about getting in over his head. Brady claims he is defending his friend and ex-wife. Brady tells Maggie that Eve already let him have it over, Chloe. Maggie tells Brady he and Chloe have a bad history. Brady says Chloe supported him when he and Eve broke up. Brady tells Maggie what Eve’s plan for Jack is. Chloe comes to pick up Parker and tells Brady Henderson is watching Holly. Chloe tells Brady that Eric has decided to give her full custody. Brady asks if Chloe believes Eric meant what he said, she says yes and they almost kiss. Chloe backs away and leaves.


Days Of Our Lives Eric Decides To Drop His Custody Case

Days of Our Lives’ Chloe blames Eric for Sarah bringing Holly to visit Eric. Chloe asks if Sarah is doing this to get over Rex knocking up another woman. Eric stops Chloe and Sarah from arguing. Chloe threatens to fight Eric for custody of Holly. Eric tells Chloe he was going to say that he had decided not to try and get custody. Chloe asked what changed Eric’s mind.

Eric tells Chloe that Holly is doing well staying with her. Chloe tells Eric he wants her to be in Holly’s life and asks him to clear it with her the next time he wants to see her. Sarah apologizes to Eric for what she said to Chloe and for bringing Holly over without permission. Sarah asks Eric if he is ok with this decision. Eric says it is the right decision for Holly. Sarah tells Eric Holly is lucky to have him in her life in whatever form she can get. Eric invites Sarah to stay for dinner, she agrees.

Eric and Sarah make pasta and both end up with sauce on their shirts. Sarah says Chloe hit a nerve with what she said about Rex. Eric tells Sarah how stupid Rex is and teases her about the pasta needs more garlic. Eric thanks Sarah for staying for dinner and they talk about how they have supported each other. Sarah and Eric talk about their connection as Rex (Kyle Lowder) knock on Eric’s door.

DOOL Melinda Is Haley’s Sister

Days of Our Lives’ Melinda (Laura Kai Chen) and Haley (Thia Megia) are in the park. Melinda keeps pressing to see if Haley said anything to Kayla, Haley denies giving her any information. Melinda tells Haley she’s not going to lose what she has built in this town over her screwed up little sister. Melinda says Haley and her big secret can upset everything she has done in this town.

Haley tells Melinda she knows that and it’s why she tried to kill herself. Haley tells Melinda she has to go. Melinda tells Haley its been a bad day because of Abby. Haley asks if J.J. is related to Abby, Melinda says he’s her brother. Melinda asks how Haley knows J.J. Haley tells Melinda that J.J. saved her life. Melinda warns her to be careful. Melinda tells Haley not to get attached to J.J.; he’s broken too many hearts already. Haley tells Melinda that J.J. tried to kill himself too.

Haley assures Melinda she won’t give her secret up to anyone. Melinda tells Haley she has to move out of her place. Haley has nowhere to go. Melinda tells Haley she has to leave tomorrow and no one can know they are related.

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