The Young and the Restless (YR) Spoilers: Lane Prepares For the Worst – Michael Tells Devon Hard Truths

The Young and the Restless (YR) Spoilers: Lane Prepares For the Worst – Michael Tells Devon Hard Truths ‘Lane’ is a fully likable couple on ‘The Young and the Restless’. Devon (Bryton James) has generally agreed with that assessment through the years, including during those periods when Hilary (Mishael Morgan) was attacking Lily (Christel Khalil), Cane (Daniel Goddard), or both. But the permanent end of ‘Hevon’ has radically altered Devon’s perspective on his sister and her husband.

Seeking vengeance could be classified as pursuing justice. Cane believes that Devon is punishing Lily, and is, therefore, being vengeful. Devon states that Hilary and ‘Hevon’s’ unborn child is gone and therefore he’s purely interested in seeing his perceived cause of that loss, Lily, held responsible.

Cane took Lily out for dinner the day before her sentencing hearing. Because this is a soap, they chose to eat at the Genoa City Athletic Club. That would be the establishment Devon was able to purchase with Katherine’s (Jeanne Cooper) billions after she passed away. The scene then set up an interaction between Devon, his sister, and brother-in-law.

Devon received earlier advice from a paragon of moral virtue (obviously, kidding), Victor Newman (Eric Braden). Machiavelli with a modern mustache, who pushed self-centeredness as a virtue, was later countered by Michael (Christian Le Blanc), whose life fully reflects the benefits of other’s forgiveness.

As tenured Y&R viewers recall, Michael stalked Christine (Lauralee Bell) in the 1990’s. After the legal system dealt with him it was Chris who offered a second chance to the person who directly damaged her life. Michael was able to pursue a career in justice as a lawyer through that display of aggressive morality.

Did Devon suffer a far greater loss than Chris? Yes, but indirectly. While his wife and unborn child were taken in the accidental car crash that’s fueled this storyline, Chris was the direct target of Michael’s willful crimes.

Michael’s sage advice to Devon may, or may not make a long-term impact. But the truth that was spoken was infinitely more worthy of contemplation that Victor’s me-first drivel.

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