The Young and the Restless Spoilers Tuesday, August 21: Rey Spies On The Newman’s – Phyllis Gets A Shock – Summer’s Games Heat Up

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for Tuesday August 21 begin with Lauren (Tracey E. Bregman) demanding Kyle (Michael Mealor) sit and have a chat with her at Crimson, rather than at the office.

Sparks Fly Between Summer And Billy

Billy (Jason Thompson) accidentally spills his coffee onto Summer (Hunter King), who quickly removes her blouse.  Sparks seem to fly between them as they stare at each other.

Nate (Brooks Donnell) runs into Victoria (Amelia Heinle) in the Newman Enterprises coffee room, he wants to come to her office later to talk about her parents; she once again rejects him.

Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) bumps into Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) at the GCAC, he apologizes after she insists they don’t know each other. He sits at the bar and keeps an eye on her.

More Fenmore And Jabot Drama

Lauren reminds Kyle she is a part of, but apart from Jabot. Although she understands Jabot needs to thrive, she is no longer comfortable with the decisions being made. She wants to know if Billy plans to sell off Jabot’s stake in Fenmore’s, ordering him not to dance around the question as she doesn’t want to be blindsided.

Kyle tells her not to assume anything, as he is loyal to Jabot and Fenmore’s because he is a team player. She reveals she knows all about Kyle and the only person he is loyal to is himself. Lauren proposes that she could use someone like him in her corner.

Phyllis Busts Summer And Billy

Billy is suspicious Summer did this on purpose. She says he may have done it on purpose to get her half-naked and now she is. He insists she is twisting his words and her fantasies are never going to happen as he loves Phyllis.

Before they can continue disputing things, Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) comes home, not pleased at what she’s seeing. Both Billy and Summer say this was a complete accident; Phyllis suggests Summer puts a top on, throwing paper towel at Billy. She eyes the stairs, very suspicious of her daughter.

Kyle feels Lauren doesn’t need him, as she has a savvy partner in Phyllis. She reminds him the reality is Phyllis lives with the man who pulls all the strings and she can’t ignore that. She wants to know if she can trust Kyle. He says Summer plays by her own rules and isn’t shy about going after what she wants.  Lauren advises him that if he chooses to help her, she will make it worth his while.

Nate Is Worried About Victoria

Victor (Eric Braeden) comes to see Victoria, saying he feels fantastic believing it thanks to Dr. Nate Hastings. He suggests Victoria should get to know Nate, as he is an interesting fella.

Victoria is surprised Victor isn’t considering Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) company as competition. She thinks Victor is praising Nick for his achievements but he informs her that once it becomes a successful company, he plans to acquire it and whether Nick likes it or not, he will be working for Victor once again.

Nate sits with Nikki, informing her that him and her neurologist are happy with her progress. He admits he is worried about Victoria, asking about her stress possibly in her personal life. Nikki won’t reveal, thanking him for the concern. Rey continues to eavesdrop from the bar as Nikki casually mentions Victoria has it rough with JT (Thad Luckinbill).


Billy shares with Phyllis about Nick obtaining the leasing company. He says it is more of an annoyance than an issue. Billy decides he is going to the trade show in Philadelphia, just as Summer comes down the stairs to go to work.

Phyllis stops Billy from leaving, wanting to know more about the coffee and whether it was an accident or intentional. She believes this is all on Summer; he is sure she is crazy about Summer wanting Billy.

Victor says he will only do this to get Nick back in the family fold but Victoria feels this is Victor’s way of controlling him, asking him to forget about it. Victor reminds her that when it comes to Dark Horse, she answers to him! Nikki calls Victoria, telling her Nate had questions but she feels she handled it. Victoria tells her, she will handle Nate.

Summer volunteers going to Philadelphia to pitch Fenmore’s at the trade show. Lauren feels skeptical but Summer begs her for faith and to give her this weekend to prove how hard she is willing to work for her. Lauren agrees but just as Summer is booking the flights, Lauren decides she is going to do the trade show herself. She thanks Summer for bringing Billy’s plans to her attention.

When Lauren leaves, Summer calls to find out the address where Billy will be staying. Summer shares her plans with Kyle who truly feels Billy won’t fall for Summer’s charade.  Mariah (Camryn Grimes) calls Kyle, saying she needs to talk and isn’t okay.

Rey Spies On Victor And Nikki

Rey is just about to leave GCAC, when Victor joins Nikki in the dining room. He raves about Nate as Nikki agrees the good doctor doesn’t miss a trick.

Phyllis reminds Billy he is a bad boy and Summer has already been in an affair with a married man. Billy insists nothing would have happened but admits that Summer is a flirt, advising her to not let Summer get to her; Phyllis looks at Billy and is not convinced.

Rey approaches Victor and Nikki’s table, apologizing for interrupting. When asked, he says he is “nobody” and he simply admires all the work they put into charities. Victor says he is used to criticism as both are grateful for the praise; he even convinces them to take a selfie with him.

Rey returns to the bar where he goes through the photos on his phone of all the Newmans, including Nick’s ex-wives Sharon (Sharon Case) and Phyllis.

Mariah Leans On Kyle

Mariah tells Kyle everything about Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) and how Devon (Bryton James) suggested she hire a PI; Kyle agrees and offers to pay for it. She admits she waited so long to tell him because he is so close to Summer and knows how manipulative she is.

He says he was reminded that he is the same type of person. He reveals the things he has done and still doing is because he deserves a seat at the table – responsibility and respect!  Mariah wants to know where Summer fits into all of this.

Billy and Phyllis arrive at the office, where Phyllis takes a call. Billy catches Summer watching and decides to play hooky with Phyllis, which infuriates Summer.

Victoria comes to see Nate at his place, telling him he is way out of line asking questions about her. She insists he doesn’t know anything about her and orders him to back the hell off. Nate is extremely intrigued by her as she storms out.

Summer Books A Hotel In Philly

Up on the rooftop, Billy tells Phyllis that Summer is a non-issue for them. She begs him to tell her again she has nothing to worry about. He says the best thing for them to do, is find their own place. Summer is leaving Jabot, booking her room, assuring them she doesn’t need a view as she won’t be in there much and too busy.

Kyle reveals to Mariah there is a guy Summer is obsessed with for all the wrong reasons. He admits the guy isn’t married, but he may as well be. He feels Summer is actually falling for the guy.

Mariah advises him to let her make her own mistakes. He admits he still has feelings for her, and Summer has raised the stakes and now she is playing like there is no rules, and if they don’t apply to her, they don’t apply to him.

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