General Hospital Recap Tuesday, November 27: Oscar Wants Treatment – Kiki Is Missing

General Hospital Recap Tuesday, November 27: Oscar Wants Treatment - Kiki Is MissingGeneral Hospital (GH) recap for Tuesday, November 27, 2018, reveals the minister asks for objections at the wedding, Stella (Vernee Watson) walks in the door. T.J. (Tajh Bellow) begs Stella not to do this; she has to speak her peace.

GH Spoilers – Curtis And Jordan Get Married

Stella addresses Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry), she apologizes for being late and asks them to forgive her. Jordan and Curtis say their I do and the congregation agrees to uphold their union. Nina teases Curtis before giving him Jordan’s ring, and he says his vows to her. Jordan says her vows and places Curtis’ ring on his finger.

The minister pronounces them man and wife and Curtis kisses the bride. Nina (Michelle Stafford) announces Jordan and Curtis arrival at the reception and T.J. tells Curtis to take care of his mom. Stella gives Jordan and handkerchief before the first dance. Jordan throws the bouquet, Nina catches it. Curtis and Stella dance and he asks about her change of heart; she credits Mike (Max Gail) and an old friend.

Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Peter (Wes Ramsey) dance and Anna (Finola Hughes) tell Finn this is the first Thanksgiving she got to spend with her son. Curtis thanks Jordan for making him the happiest man alive. Curtis carries Jordan across the threshold, and they see something shocking.

General Hospital Spoilers Jocelyn Tells Carly About Oscar

General Hospital’s Carly (Laura Wright) arrives home, Jocelyn (Eden McCoy) is on the floor crying. Jocelyn tells Carly he didn’t break her heart, she asks why Jocelyn is crying. Jocelyn tells Carly about Oscar’s (Garren Stitt) tumor, and that is why he broke up with her. Jocelyn can’t believe Kim (Tamara Braun) kept this from Oscar. Carly doesn’t know what she would do in this situation.

Jocelyn tells Carly that Cameron told her Oscar was sick. Carly asks what she thinks they should do for Oscar. Jocelyn tells Carly about the experimental treatment and that Oscar has less than a year to live without it. Jocelyn tells Carly she is a baby, but Carly tells her she isn’t, she’s brave. Carly tells Jocelyn she can’t make this choice for Oscar, they have to be thankful that she has given Oscar a reason to fight. Jocelyn feels this is all a dream. Carly and Jocelyn agree the last time she felt this was when Morgan (ex-Bryan Craig) died. Carly tells Jocelyn that bad things happen fast, but we live through them slowly.

Security calls Carly and announces Drew (Billy Miller) is there to see Jocelyn. Drew says things are better than they have been in a long time with Oscar and he has Jocelyn to thank for that. Drew tells Jocelyn that Oscar is going to have the treatment, she questions if he’s sure. Drew makes sure that Jocelyn makes sure to know this is just a chance, not a sure thing. Jocelyn vows to be there for Oscar no matter what happens. Oscar calls Jocelyn; she asks what is going on with him. Oscar tells Jocelyn he fired his lawyer and thought she wanted him to do this all along.

GH Spoilers – Griffin Goes Looking For Kiki

General Hospital’s Griffin (Matt Cohen) comes back into the chapel; he still can’t get in touch with Kiki (Hayley Erin). Lulu (Emme Rylan) asks Griffin what is wrong, he says Kiki was supposed to meet him there. Griffin tries to call Kiki again. Laura (Genie Frances) mentions that argument last night at the Metrocourt. Griffin tells Laura that he and Kiki made up. Nina demands Griffin press charges against Ava. Griffin arrives at Kiki’s apartment; the door is open. Griffin goes in and calls to Kiki; she doesn’t answer. Griffin finds broken glass in the floor. Griffin calls Kiki’s phone again and tells her he his going back to the reception. Griffin takes Kiki’s wrap with him. Griffin notices blood on the wrap as he leaves Kiki’s apartment.


Oscar Has News For The Family

General Hospital’s Oscar arrives at the Quartermaine’s and tells Drew and Kim the whole thing blew up in his face. Kim apologizes for keeping secrets. Drew says it seems Cameron (William Lipton) was a good friend to all of them. Oscar admits he is glad Cameron told Jocelyn the truth. Monica (Leslie Charleston) invites Oscar in for pizza, and he tells them he is going ahead with the medical treatment. Oscar says Jocelyn talked him into this. Oscar says Jocelyn is the only reason he is going through with this.

Oscar isn’t giving up his job at Charlie’s or moving home. Oscar and Monica talks, he likes the pizza tradition. Oscar thanks Monica for the history lesson the other day. Oscar also thanks Monica for telling him what to expect. Monica hopes that Oscar doesn’t have those side effects since he is trying the treatment. Oscar calls Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) to the mansion and tells her she’s fired. Oscar tells Alexis he has decided to do the trial and she has never been more happy to get her walking papers. Alexis tells Oscar she won’t take any money from him and to put it in a college fund.

Kim Doesn’t Trust Julian

General Hospital’s Kim is crying because she sad Oscar is keeping her at arm’s length even though he is having the treatment. Kim says it’s her fault for keeping this from him. Drew tells Kim she is upset because Julian didn’t go through with the plan. Drew leaves to speak to Jocelyn and Kim tells Drew to say thank for her as well. Julian walks into the room. Julian tries to talk to Kim, but she doesn’t trust him and walks away. Drew tries to convince Kim that Oscar will eventually forgive her.

Nina Leaves To Pick Up Charlotte

General Hospital’s Lulu corners Laura and asks what is going on with her. Laura tells Lulu about the kiss she saw. Laura knows something is wrong; he has had an emotional shift. Lulu tells Nina that Charlotte is so excited about seeing the Nutcracker. Nina is going to pick Charlotte up and will have her call when they get settled.

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