General Hospital RECAP Tuesday July 10: Peter Disappears, Franco And Finn Strike Out

General Hospital RECAP Tuesday July 10: Peter Disappears, Franco And Finn Strike Out Tuesday July 10 episode of General Hospital kicks off with Jason (Steve Burton) telling Sonny (Maurice Benard) he shouldn’t be so hard on himself when it comes to Mike (Max Gail).

Sonny Believes Michael Will Take Nelle Down

Jason tells Sonny he has a lot on his plate right now and is handling it well.  Sonny asks about Peter (Wes Ramsey), Jason says he is out of that, he is letting Anna (Finola Hughes) handle this, but Sam is also working on it. Michael (Chad Duell) shows up and tells Sonny and Jason the wedding has been moved up until tomorrow.

Sonny assumes it was Nelle’s (Chloe Lanier) idea to move up the wedding, Michael tells Sonny and Jason that it was his.  Jason tells Sonny and Michael that nobody has been able to handle Nelle so far. Jason has faith in Michael.  Michael says that Nelle is too comfortable with Carly (Laura Wright) away.  Michael and Sonny tell Jason how the custody battle went.

Sonny tells Jason that Michael will take Nelle down. Michael tells Jason about his plans. Michael is the heart of the family, the one-child Sonny and Carly raised together.  Jason tells Michael it is too extreme.  Michael tells Jason that he cannot let Nelle have to say over this baby, he must protect it from Nelle.  Michael tells Jason this is his risk and to please not take it away from him.

Sam Tells Curtis, They Are Looking For A Woman

General Hospital’s Curtis (Donnell Turner) tells Sam (Kelly Monaco) that is wasn’t a laundry employee pushing that cart. Curtis tells Sam the employee that was supposed to be on duty called in sick.  Sam and Curtis agree that the odds are increasing that someone was in that laundry cart.


Sam went back and thinks she has narrowed her and Curtis’ search. Sam points out the shoes and that they have heels, it’s a woman.  Sam shows Curtis the shoes and they have a few ideas who it might be.

Finn And Franco Show Up At The Cabin

General Hospital’s Nina (Michelle Stafford) starts to untie Peter as Finn (Michael Easton) and Franco (Roger Howarth) talk about the notebook Wyatt (Patrick Gibbons) left them. Finn doesn’t care about Peter, but Anna does care, and he is going to do whatever he can to save him.  Liesl (Kathleen Gati) is reaching for the key when Finn and Franco arrive, she tries to get them to leave.

Finn breaks in hoping to find Peter but finds an empty bed instead. Franco tells Liesl it looks suspicious and asks what really went on.  Liesl says that Wyatt was upset but it wasn’t Heinrich (Wes Ramsey) he saw, it was her sex partner. Nina has Peter in the root cellar and it will take both her and Liesl to move him.  Finn tells Franco that Liesl was lying and it’s time to get the police involved. Franco tells Finn to run this by Anna first.

Liesl tells Nina that she lied to her.  Liesl gets a message from Franco saying Finn is going to call the cops.  Liesl wants to kill Peter and get rid of the evidence. Nina stops Liesl from killing Peter.  Nina tells Liesl they will move Peter.  Finn tries to call Anna for guidance.

Carly And Kevin Discuss Morgan’s Death

General Hospital’s Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) shows up to see Carly with a deck of cards.  Carly tells Kevin what a gift Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) death was to Nelle.  Carly tells Kevin about Nelle coming to visit her yesterday. Carly tells Kevin about the lie about lingerie shopping and the wedding. Kevin says Carly seems a lot calmer than expected.

Carly tells Kevin that she turned it around and feels more like her old self.  Carly tells Kevin how Nelle came between her and Jos.  Carly tells Kevin she wished she had never gone up those stairs.  Carly tells Kevin that she doesn’t give people that much power over her.  Nelle is someone she could have fought in her sleep before. Carly tells Kevin that Morgan’s death was the only thing she couldn’t get past on her own. Carly blames herself for Ava switching Morgan’s medication.

Kevin tells Carly that she has been through the worse thing a parent could go through and survived.  Sonny tells Carly about the wedding it tomorrow. Carly wants to know whose idea this was, Sonny tells her it’s part of Michael’s plan.  Carly tells Sonny that she and Kevin talked about Morgan and how it shaped what happened.

Carly says if they had trusted their instincts as parents, Morgan might still be alive.  Carly tells Sonny they have to learn from their mistakes.  Sonny says they must protect their kids no matter what.  Sonny tells Carly they will survive this.

Chase Moves Forward With His Plan

General Hospital’s Chase (Josh Swickard) tells Nelle this marriage is not going to work. Chase tries to tell Nelle that Michael could give in and divorce her and take the baby. Chase tells Nelle that he believed in that girl that walked into that office.  Chase is mad at himself for not taking care of Nelle himself. Chase tells Nelle that he has loved her since the first day he laid eyes on her and always will. Michael comes up to Nelle and Chase and runs him off.  Michael tells Nelle they have one more thing to discuss.  Michael gives Nelle a prenuptial agreement.

Jason Needs Sam’s Advice

General Hospital’s Jason pulls Sam away from Curtis and tells her about Michael’s plan. Sam gets a delivery while they are talking, she says it can wait.  Sam tells Jason that he considers Michael one of his kids.  Jason tells Sam that he cannot let Michael take this chance.  Sam tells Jason that he needs to let Michael take care of things himself.  Sam reminds Jason that sometimes we must do things we don’t want to do.  Sam tells Jason her marriage to Drew (Billy Miller) is officially over.

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