General Hospital RECAP Monday, June 18: Sonny Puts Pressure On Mike, Obrecht Amps Up Torture

General Hospital RECAP Monday, June 18: Sonny Puts Pressure On Mike, Obrecht Amps Up Torture “General Hospital” (GH) recap for Monday, June 18, 2018, Sonny (Maurice Benard) questions Mike (Max Gail) about Croton. Mike tells Sonny he took the body, he was trying to watch out for him.

Sonny Wants To Know Where Mike Put The Body

Sonny wants to know where the body was taken. Mike tells Sonny that night was a mess, he wanted to come out of the shadows and help. Sonny finds it hard to believe Mike chose that night to take care of him. Mike tells Sonny that way if anyone got caught it would be him.

Sonny needs to know where Mike took the body. Mike starts to tell Sonny and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) shows up. Mike tells Dante he will have to protect Sonny when he’s gone. Sonny and Mike’s conversation turns weird when he tries to stop this story. Dante seems suspicious.

Sonny tells Mike that Dante is a cop and has to go back to work. Dante wants to talk to Sonny about Carly (Laura Wright) and Ferncliff. Dante tells Sonny not to call judges etc. because at least Carly isn’t in Pentonville.


Dante is looking out for Sonny, he doesn’t want him locked up too. Dante asks about the story again, he figures out Sonny wants him to leave. Mike tells Sonny he has a great boy there. Sonny wants to know where Mike went next, he doesn’t remember.

Stella Is Still Scheming

General Hospital’s Jordan (Vinessa Antoine), Stella (Vernee Watson), and Curtis (Donnell Turner) are talking about the wedding. Jordan and Curtis want to have the wedding at “The Terrace”. Stela tells Curtis and Jordan to take their time when picking a date.

Curtis has to leave to look at an office space with Sam. Jordan wants Stella to stay for tea and talk. Jordan tells Stella she doesn’t expect to be welcomed with open arms. Stella says she almost pushed Curtis away over this relationship and Jordan is part of the cause of it.

Jordan tells Stella they are bonded by their love for Curtis and T.J. (Tequan Richmond), and she won’t drag around the sins of her past. Jordan vows to make Curtis happy. Stella leaves thanking Jordan for the tea. Stella picked up a set of keys on the way out the door, maybe Nina will see the flash drive in the lost and found box.

Maxie Hasn’t Forgiven Lulu

General Hospital’s Maxie (Kirsten Storms) is in the nursery holding James and talking to him about Nathan (Ryan Paevey) while Amy (Risa Dorken) and Lulu (Emme Rylan) look in. Amy is all set to be interviewed by Lulu.

Amy tells Lulu that women bear the brunt of the harassment at the hospital. Amy tells Lulu about others who are afraid to talk about harassment as well. Lulu has gifts for the baby. Maxie tells Lulu they are not back to being besties, it’s not that simple.

Amy suggests Lulu take Maxie home and visit a while. Maxie agrees to get rid of Amy. Lulu has enough for today, she promised Maxie she would help take down Peter and she will.

Nina Covers For Flash Drive Slip

General Hospital’s Nina (Michelle Stafford) runs into Drew (Billy Miller), they discuss Peter (Wes Ramsey). Drew questions if Nina is ok, she says no. Drew tells Nina this isn’t her fault, he brought Peter to Aurora.

Nina tells Drew she knew something was going on and should have trusted her instincts. Nina tells Drew sociopaths to change to what they want to be. Nina mentions the flash drive, Drew questions how she knew about it. Nina tells Drew that Valentin told her about the flash drive.

Drew tells Nina he has given up on the flash drive, it’s gone just like Peter. Drew tells Nina that both Faison and Peter tried to use that flash drive to get him to do what they want. Drew tells Nina she needs to let Peter go. Curtis arrives and tells Nina and Drew there is no sign of Peter. Drew figures out that Nina and Curtis have something between them about Peter.

Curtis Wants Drew To Be Best Man

General Hospital’s Drew questions Curtis on what is wrong with Nina. Curtis tells Drew about his first case, he and Sam (Kelly Monaco) were hired to find Peter. Drew tells Curtis he’s cool with the investigation and he better keeps Sam safe.

Curtis asks Drew to be his best man. Curtis believes Stella is on board. Stella calls an old friend of Curtis’. Drew is confused as to why Curtis thinks he might not want to stand up for him. Curtis explains because of he and Sam’s relationship. Drew tells Curtis he is fine and will stand up for him.

Liesl Gives Peter A Birthday Cupcake

General Hospital’s Liesl (Kathleen Gati) is talking to Kim (Tamara Braun) and Julian (William DeVry) when Peter starts to scream. Peter sees a snake in the bed, Kim says someone is in terrible trouble. Liesl starts screaming back, pretending that its therapy and goes toward the cabin.

Liesl gets to Peter and puts the snake outside, no harm done she says. Kim wants to go check out the screams, Julian distracts her. Liesl asks Peter if he became a wimp when he stopped using Faison’s (Anders Hove) name.

Liesl gives Peter an antibiotic and wants him to work on his confession. Liesl gives Peter ginger tea, he tells her a confession under duress isn’t admissible. Liesl tells Peter he needs to admit to being an accomplice to his father, she will worry about her satisfaction.

Peter threatens Liesl with Anna (Finola Hughes) to try and get her to release him, she has a surprise for him. Liesl shows Peter a cupcake with a candle and tells him to celebrate like it is his last.

Kim and Julian Plan Their Next Date

General Hospital’s Kim and Julian check the tent for snakes before she applies more medication to his bug bites. Julian and Kim start to make love, he’s getting used to the close quarters. Julian wants an urban adventure next time.

Nina Thinks Peter Lied

General Hospital’s Nina asks Jordan if the PCPD found any flash drives at Peter’s place. Jordan assures Nina they didn’t find anything. Nina remembers the conversation with Peter, she should leave him to Liesl and be done with it. The camera spans the lost and found box and we see the flash drive in it.

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