General Hospital Poll: Did Liz Break Up With Franco For Another Chance With Drew? VOTE!

General Hospital Poll: Did Liz Break Up With Franco For Another Chance With Drew? VOTE!General Hospital’s Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) has told her fiancé Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) not to come home and not to call after finding out from Sam Cain (Kelly Monaco) that the secret Franco was hiding was that he pushed General Hospital Drew Cain (Billy Miller) down a flight of stairs when they were three years old.

Elizabeth told Franco she could not accept his lies any longer and does not know if she could trust him around her boys given his violent past.

General Hospital fans of Elizabeth and Franco are very disappointed in her. They wonder why Elizabeth has decided to call it quits when just the other day she told Franco how much she loved him.

General hospital fans of this couple say Elizabeth has told her fair share of lies so why would she hold this against Franco?  In 2015 Elizabeth and Drew; known then as Jake Doe, were at the altar when General Hospital Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) burst in with DNA proof that he was, in fact, Jason and still married to Sam. It turns out Elizabeth lied as she knew he was Jason all along.

 The other day, Elizabeth eavesdropped on a conversation between Sam and General Hospital Jason Morgan (Steve Burton); Sam confessed her love for Jason and the need to tell Drew the truth.

Could this be the reason Elizabeth has decided she can no longer tolerate Franco? Drew will be free soon and perhaps Elizabeth has hopes of getting back with him.

Other General Hospital fans say Elizabeth made the right decision and it is about time she has come to her senses. They agree she is using Franco’s lies as a convenient excuse to break up with Franco. They do share a history and a child; General Hospital Jake Webber (T.K. Weaver) and Perhaps, Elizabeth, thinks she may have a chance to rekindle her romance with Drew after all.

So, what do think? Is Elizabeth using Franco’s secret as an excuse to be with Drew since he will be free soon?  You decide, and please remember to vote in our Soap Opera Spy Poll.

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