General Hospital News: Ryan Paevey Reveals Why He Left GH

General Hospital spoilers have been hinting for a while now that Ryan Paevey was leaving GH, but that still didn’t make the heartbreaking moments that Nathan fought for his life after being shot any easier for fans to watch.

Ryan Paevey never actually confirmed he was leaving the ABC soap opera until today, during a live Q&A session on Twitter with fans.  The Nathan West portrayer finally opened up about why he left General Hospital, and revealed that it was actually his decision to exit and he was not fired.

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Obviously Ryan leaving the soap opera came up during his tweet session, and Paevey was totally transparent about his decision to leave.

The General Hospital actor tweeted, “The decision to leave was mine.Frank Valentini and I sat down to talk as gentleman, and while he was disappointed, he gave me a better send-off than i ever could have asked for, and i will always be grateful. Cut the guy some slack, his job is hard, and thankless.”

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