Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Recap December 4: Leo Has Photographic Proof – Gabi Continues To Work Chad

Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Recap December 4: Leo Has Photographic Proof - Gabi Continues To Work Chad
Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Tuesday, December 4, 2018, reveals Stefan (Tyler Christopher) arrives home and sets at the piano and begins to play. Stefan imagines Gabby (Kate Mansi) walking to the piano.

DOOL Spoilers – Ben Tells Stefan He Has A Lead

Stefan wants Gabby home; she tells him she can be if he brings her home. Stefan tells Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) to make sure the house is secure; he’s bringing Charlotte home tomorrow and probably her mother too. Stefan tells Ben about his conversation with Gabby; he’s not sure if it was an act. Ben knows what it is like to have a split personality and to want someone enough to see things that aren’t there.

Ben tells Stefan that he cares about someone and hope now she will see him for that man he is now. Ben asks for that night off and tells Stefan he has a led on Ted (Gilles Marini). Ted calls to set up a meeting with Ben. Ted agrees to meet tonight, he will call with a time and location. Ben vows to have Ted where he wants him by the end of tonight. Stefan imagines Gabby again telling him they can be together and she leaves through the tunnel.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Gabi Tries To Make Plans With Chad

Days Of Our Lives’ Gabi (Camila Banus) is reading the paternity results, Chad (Billy Flynn) comes up behind her, but she hides the papers. Gabi says she got back from Kayla’s (Mary Beth Evans) office; she picked up some test results. Gabi tells Chad she had tests done to see if anything with her condition has changed. Gabi says she needs to concentrate on the little girl she has. Gabi wants Chad to go home with her and have dinner with Ari (Sidney and Harper Udell), Thomas (Asher Morrissette), and Sonny (Freddie Smith).

Chad tells Gabi that he knew about the lawsuit. Chad stayed quiet because he wanted the job at Titan. Gabi says Kate (Lauren Koslow) was behind the lawsuit, Chad questions how she knew. Chad tells Gabi everything he did because of Stefan’s influence. Gabi tells Chad he didn’t go too far, he disagrees. Chad says he has lost the woman he loves, Gabi holds his hand and tells him he hasn’t lost her. Chad tells Gabi to run away from him. Gabi tells Chad he has something precious to hold onto and she’s going to show him something he and Abby will always share.

Gabi shows Chad a picture of Thomas and tells him he has him to hold onto and she has Ari. Chad says Gabi has always been there even when he didn’t deserve it. Gabi will always be Chad’s friend, and she will help him get through this. Chad tells Gabi she gives him hope, that little bit of light in his darkness. Chad asks Gabi to join him for mac and cheese with Thomas; she says she will be home later. Gabi says something wonderful will happen for Chad soon. Chad leaves, Gabi vows something good will happen when she puts Chad’s baby in his arms.

Eli Thinks Hope Is Cheating

Days of Our Lives’ Rafe (Galen Gering) hears Hope (Kristian Alfonso) on the phone talking about lying to him. Eli (Lamon Archey) comes in and wants to talk to Rafe. Eli needs help unraveling a case. Eli tries to talk to Rafe about the case, but he doesn’t have his mind on the job. Eli asks if he cheated on Hope again, Rafe says no, this time his wife is lying to him. Rafe tells Eli about the ferry ticket and the story about the locket. Eli asks if Rafe has confronted Hope, he doesn’t want to be that kind of husband.

Eli reminds Rafe that he was about to follow Hope to find out that truth. Eli asks Rafe if he thinks Hope is cheating on him. Rafe says Hope wouldn’t do that and he believes it has to do with Ben. Rafe wonders how far this obsession against Ben will go. After calling Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and finding out she hasn’t seen Hope, Rafe heads to Smith Island, Eli suggests he call. First, Rafe says she would lie to him again. Rafe tells Eli to cover for him and leaves. Rafe arrives at the cabin and finds underwear on the floor along with the two wine glasses.


Kate Wants To Clear Sonny’s Name

Days of Our Lives’ Kate tells Will (Chandler Massey) that he got through to her. Kate tells Sonny (Freddie Smith) she is sorry about the lawsuit. Sonny tells Kate that’s too damn bad. Sonny tells Kate she has jeopardized Will’s futures. Sonny says an ex-prostitute is blackmailing him for sexual harassment. Sonny has even defended her to Victor, but he was right about her. Kate says she was in a bad place. Sonny asks if Kate wants forgiveness. Kate isn’t sure that coming clean will stop Leo from going for attempted murder.

Will tells Kate he loves her but will have nothing to do with her if she doesn’t tell the truth. Leo (Greg Rikaart) comes in and asks if her public announcement will make a difference when Will and Sonny are in prison. Leo would like to say he missed Kate but he doesn’t. Sonny tells Leo that Kate is going public and his threats mean nothing. Leo still insists on marriage and tells them he has proof that they tried to kill him. Leo shows Sonny, Will, and Kate the photos of them wrapping him up in the rug, etc.

Kate says Ted gave Leo the photos. Leo tells them that Ted was behind it all and dropped him off at the hospital after finding him in the trunk. Kate vows to clear Sonny’s name, Leo still plans to get what he wants. Kate is sorry, Sonny tells Kate she caused this. Kate says Sonny can’t marry him; Will demands Kate go. Will questions how Kate could do this to him. Will wants to get rid of Leo; Sonny thinks he’s going to have to marry Leo.

Hope Finds A Meeting Place For Ted And Ben

Days of Our Lives’ Hope goes to the cabin to speak to Ted. Ted offers Hope a drink, she isn’t there to socialize, hope tells him she hates lying to Rafe, but she is protecting her daughter. Ted tells Hope about Ben’s request to meet in person. Ted doesn’t want to meet Ben, but Hope threatens to turn him over to Stefan if he doesn’t. Hope demands Ted call Ben and set up a meeting. Hope tells Ted they have a location for the meeting and they leave the island. Hope and Ted go to a motel. Ted says its not even a one-star place. Hope says by the end of tonight she will have Ben where she wants him.

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