Days of Our Lives RECAP Wednesday, September 19: The Test Results Are In, Gabi Drugs Abby

Days of Our Lives RECAP Wednesday, September 19: The Test Results Are In, Gabi Drugs Abby Days of Our Lives’ September 19 recap begins with Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) runs into Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) in the hospital.  Kayla asks Lucas about Paul (Christopher Sean).

Kayla Tries To Reassure Lucas

Lucas and Kayla talk about the baby.  Kayla is waiting to get the DNA results back.  Kayla had their most trusted lab tech run the DNA test. Lucas is panicking over the paternity test.  Lucas doesn’t think Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) will stay with him if the baby is his.  Kayla tells Lucas that Chloe loves him and isn’t going anywhere.  Lucas says if the baby is his he has to do the right thing.  Chloe joins Lucas as he waits for the results.

Chloe Warns Bonnie Not To Hurt Lucas

Days of Our Lives’ Sheila (Tionne T-Boz Watkins)  brings the baby to see Bonnie (Judy Evans).  Sheila asks Bonnie if she likes the baby because it’s her ticket out of jail.  Sheila asks if the baby is Lucas’, Chloe wants to know the same.  Sheila takes the baby and leaves Bonnie and Chloe alone.  Chloe is there to set Bonnie straight.  Chloe isn’t going to let Bonnie use an innocent child to hurt Lucas again.

Bonnie tells Chloe that Lucas has the right to know he has a daughter. Chloe tells Bonnie she’s going back to prison. Chloe doesn’t understand how Bonnie can use that baby.  Bonnie tells Chloe she wouldn’t agree to the DNA test if the baby wasn’t Lucas’.  Bonnie and Chloe argue over Lucas.  Bonnie tells Chloe there will be no room for her.  Bonnie doesn’t think Chloe is a threat.  Chloe mentions killing Mateo.  Chloe threatens Bonnie and leaves.  Sheila wants money for babysitting.  Bonnie doesn’t have any money.  Sheila tells Bonnie she is running out of time.  Sheila isn’t sticking around for this.  Sheila storms out of the police station.

Eli And Sheila Catch Up

Days of Our Lives’  Eli (Lamon Archey) tries to call Lani (Sal Stowers); she ignores the call.  Sheila touches base with Eli about Bonnie and the baby.  Eli tells Sheila about his baby. Sheila can’t imagine Eli with a baby.  Eli tells Sheila the baby died.  Shelia lets Eli hold the baby.  Eli offers to help Sheila if she needs a job.  Eli gives Sheila the baby back.  Sheila tells Eli if his lady friend is smart, she won’t let him go.

Abby And J.J. Discuss Gabi

Days of Our Lives’ J.J. (Casey Moss) walks out of the pub and meets Lani outside.  J.J. asks if Lani is ok because she was upset last time he saw her. J.J. is sorry the baby didn’t make it.  J.J. knows the baby was due around this time; he’s there if Lani needs him.  J.J. brings Abby (Marci Miller) coffee. J.J. thinks this picnic is progress.  J.J. tells Abby that Chad (Billy Flynn) needs time to process everything. Abby tells J.J. about Gabi (Camila Banus) letting herself into the house.


Abby tells J.J. that Gabi admitted to having issues with her still. Abby says Gabi seems sincere, but she is keeping an eye on her.  Abby thinks she and Chad are going to get through this.  Abby wonders if J.J. can see he and Lani together again. J.J. caries the picnic basket to the car.  Gabi sneaks in and drugs Abby’s coffee. Gabi runs upstairs, so Abby doesn’t see her.  Abby grabs her coffee and drinks.

Abby Is A No Show

Days of Our Lives’  Chad and Abby are on the phone planning their picnic.  Gabi listens in on Chad’s side of the conversation.  Gabi invites Chad to the zoo, Chad declines.  Chad tells Gabi her and Abby are having a picnic, Gabi invites herself to join.  Chad tells Gabi he is spending time with Abby and Thomas.

Chad wants to make things right with Abby. Gabi doesn’t want Chad to be hurt.  Chad has to step it up and be the husband Abby deserves.  Gabi borrows Chad’s keys to the mansion claiming Ari has hers.  Gabi calls someone saying she needs them.  Gabi picks up a prescription from Kayla for sleeping pills. Chad is waiting on Abby who is passed out on her couch.

Abe Encourages Lani To Explore Her Feelings

Days of Our Lives’ Abe (James Reynolds) and Lani meet for breakfast.  Abe and Lani talk about Eli having feelings for her. Abe asks if she’s still hung up on J.J.  Lani doesn’t believe J.J. thinks of her that way anymore.  Abe says Eli does though. Abe tells Lani that Eli impressed him.  Abe urges her to consider the possibilities. Lani needs to get back to work. Lani calls Eli to meet her. Sheila takes Abe’s credit card and Starts to use it to buy food.  Abe catches Sheila with his card.

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