Days of Our Lives RECAP Wednesday, October 3: Sami Determined To Find Marlena, Brady Agrees To Leave With Kristen

Days of Our Lives RECAP Wednesday, October 3: Sami Determined To Find Marlena, Brady Agrees To Leave With KristenDays of Our Lives Wednesday October 3 recap begins with  Abby (Marci Miller) telling J.J. (Casey Moss) she thinks her alters are back.  J.J. tells Abby that taking a nap is no big deal.  Abby shows J.J. the text she sent Stefan (Tyler Christopher).

Abby Tell J.J. She Believes Her Alters Have Returned

Abby tells Chad (Billy Flynn) that Stefan showed up last night. Abby isn’t sure if Chad can handle the alters returning. Chad asks what Abby is talking about, she lies and says mustard on the sandwiches. Chad goes upstairs to get Thomas (Asher Morrissette).  J.J. asks if Abby if she should spend time with Chad.  Abby sends Chad and Thomas on the picnic alone.

J.J. tells Abby he knows this wasn’t easy for her.  Abby thinks she underestimated Gabby (Marci Miller).  J.J. tells Abby that she is distracted but now she can beat the alters this time. Abby believes she and Gabi (Camilla Banus) can work through this.  Chad tells Gabi that Abby bailed on the picnic for a checkup.  Gabi suggests it might be another doctor like a psychiatrist. Chad asks why Abby would need a shrink again.  Gabi tells Chad Abby doesn’t want to relapse.  Gabi tells Chad that Stefan (Tyler Christopher) thinks Gabby is back. Stefan shows up at Abby’s.

Stefan Is Catching Onto Gabi

Days of Our Lives’   Stefan questions if Gabby is trying to get back to him. Stefan covers telling Gabi he was dictating a test. Gabi wants to use Abby to help with a maternity line. Stefan tells Gabi that Abby invited him over last night. Gabi asks Stefan is he thinks Gabby is back. Stefan tells Gabi that Abby claimed she meant the text for J.J.  Gabi asks Stefan if he thinks Gabby is trying to come out.  Gabi questions why Stefan is acting all cool.  Gabi figures out that Stefan is staying away to keep Abby out of the hospital.  Gabi knows Abby is in trouble.  Stefan wants to know why Gabi is so interested in his.

Eli Arrests Sami

Days of Our Lives’   Eli (Lamon Archey) approaches Chad about Kristen (Stacy Haiduk).  Chad tells Eli to talk to Stefan.  Eli goes to the mansion to talk to Stefan again. Stefan asks what Eli wants.  Stefan tells Eli he needs to watch out for Sami (Alison Sweeney).  Stefan tells Eli Sami is just as dangerous as Kristen.  Eli arrests Sami for violating the terms of her bail.


Kristen Begs Brady To Leave With Her

Days of Our Lives’   Kristen tells Brady (Eric Martsolf) if he doesn’t talk to her, someone he loves will be hurt.  Brady invites Kristen into the room.  Kristen tells Brady he will suffer if she goes away.  Kristen couldn’t live with never seeing Brady again. Kristen tells Brady she loves him and wants them together.  Kristen tells Brady she heard his conversation with Eve.  Kristen tells Brady he can do so much better.

Kristen brings up Brady’s past loves and wants him to be with her. Brady says he should call the cops right now.  Kristen tells Brady she will make him happy.  Brady asks Kristen if he’s supposed to forget what happened at the wedding.  Kristen wonders if the family is as loyal to Brady as he is to them. Kristen knows what happened to Nicole (Arianne Zucker).  Kristen tells Brady they are soulmates.  Brady tells Kristen he isn’t a thing like her.  Kristen tells Brady that his family will turn against him over Eric (Greg Vaughan).

Brady tells Kristen that Eric has turned his back on him. Brady tells Kristen he has made a mess of things.  Brady has lost everything.  Kristen begs Brady for another chance.  Brady tells Kristen this would be a mistake and begs him to come away with her. Brady says let’s go and picks up his suitcases.

John Tells Marlena About Hattie

Days of Our Lives’  John (Drake Hogestyn) tells Marlena that Hattie is playing her at the moment. Marlena (Deidre Hall) asks John if Hattie (Deidre Hall) is the reason she is alive.  Marlena wants to know if they can end this now.  John tells Marlena that it can’t end yet.  John tells Marlena about Hattie’s demands. Marlena questions John about Hattie’s plan.  John tells Marlena he married Hattie.

John tells Marlena it was the only thing he could do to save her life. John tells Marlena that Hattie figured out the marriage wouldn’t be legal.  John knew Hattie was a risk, but all he could think of was saving Marlena.  Marlena thanks John for saving her life.  John tells Marlena he just gave her a fighting chance.  John tells Marlena what Hattie said to Sami and Belle.  Marlena sees a flash of someone in the bushes.

Kayla Tells Sami The Truth

Days of Our Lives’ Hattie is up dancing when Sami walks in with her burger.  Sami asked what she is doing.  Hattie tries to explain her actions away.  Hattie tells Sami she should be happy since she shot her. Sami tells Hattie she is not Marlena.  Hattie tells Sami that she should have some respect.  Sami tells Hattie to show her the scar from the bullet wound.  Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) comes in as Sami is trying to see the scar.

Sami tells Kayla she isn’t going anywhere until she sees under that gown.  Sami starts shaking Hattie demanding to know where Marlena is.  Kayla gets Sami off of Hattie and tells her Marlena is ok and safe.  Kayla tells  Sami she has been in on this from the beginning.  Hattie tells Kayla that Sami is crazy.  Kayla tells Hattie that Marlena is awake, so her services are no longer necessary.

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