Days Of Our Lives Recap Tuesday, September 25 – Bonnie Gets Out Of Jail, Will And Sonny Try To Cope With Their Decision

Days Of Our Lives Recap Tuesday, September 25 – Bonnie Gets Out Of Jail, Will And Sonny Try To Cope With Their Decision Days of Our Lives’ Tuesday September 25 recap begins with Will (Chandler Massey) sitting with Paul (Christopher Sean) while thinking about Sonny (Freddie Smith).  Paul and Will talk about his paralysis.  Will isn’t going to let Paul give up on walking again.

Will Reassures Paul Of His Love

Paul asks if Will is still committed to him.  Paul knows Will remembers his love for Sonny and asks where they stand. Paul asks if his injury had anything to do with Will’s decision.  Paul needs to know who Will wanted to be with before he got hurt.  Will tells Paul he wants to be with him, that was true before and now.  Will tells Paul that he is selling them short.  Will has so many good memories of them too and gives him examples.

Will tells Paul that who he feels for him is not a memory.  Paul asks about spending his life in a wheelchair.  Will refuses to believe that will happen.  Will assures Paul they will get through this together. Paul tells Will he is lucky to be with him.  Will feels lucky and very happy.  Will can’t wait to see what is next for the two of them.  Paul tells Will this time they can do things right, no secrets or lies.

Sonny Tells Adrienne Will Is Staying With Paul

Days of Our Lives’   Sonny stares at a photo of Will and himself.  Sonny is amazed that Adrienne (Judy Evans) is helping Bonnie (Judy Evans).  Adrienne and Sonny talk about Paul. Sonny tells Adrienne that Will is staying with Paul. Adrienne is so sorry for Sonny and Will.  Sonny thinks he should be grateful that Will got his memory back. Sonny tells Adrienne that it felt wrong to hurt Paul.  Sonny says they had to put Paul first.


Adrienne asks where his feelings fit into this.  Sonny says Paul’s body broke; they can’t break his heart too.  Sonny tells Adrienne he is in agony, but Paul has to be the priority.  Adrienne pushes Sonny to come clean.  Sonny cannot put Paul through what Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) went through. Adrienne keeps pushing, but Sonny says they have to do this for Paul.  Adrienne agrees to support Sonny but doesn’t like it.

Sonny tells Adrienne how impossible this feels.  Adrienne hates to see Sonny like this.  Sonny needs some fresh air and goes out.  Sonny and Lucas run into each other in the square.  Will tells Sonny that Paul is happy nothing has changed. Part of Will will always love Paul, but he’s not Sonny.

Bonnie Refuses To Give Lucas The Baby

Days of Our Lives’  Adrienne calls Lucas and thanks him.  Lucas and Justin (Wally Kurth) meet at the police station to talk to Bonnie.  Justin tells Bonnie she has a lot of nerve asking Adrienne for anything.  Justin thinks Bonnie should spend the rest of her life behind bars.  Bonnie says Lucas will never see the baby again and asks what they have for her. Justin and Lucas tell Bonnie that Adrienne isn’t going to testify against her.  Bonnie asks how much more she has on her murder sentence.

Justin says Bonnie could be eligible for early release. Justin gives Bonnie papers to sign; she should be free in a matter of hours.  Lucas takes the pen and tells Bonnie, not so fast. Lucas wants the baby back before Bonnie is released, Bonnie refuses. Justin tells Lucas he can’t stand the thought of Bonnie walking out of there.  Lucas is afraid Bonnie will disappear with the baby.  Lucas gives Bonnie the papers for her release and threatens her if he doesn’t see the baby immediately.

Jennifer Leans On Kayla

Days of Our Lives’  Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) comes to see Jennifer (Melissa Reeves).  Jennifer tells Kayla that she told Eric (Greg Vaughan) the truth. Jennifer tells Kayla how Eric stormed out.  Jennifer tells Kayla exactly what Brady (Eric Martsolf) threatened Nicole (Arianne Zucker) with to get her out of town.  Jennifer didn’t want to hurt Eric, but he needed to know that truth. Jennifer wonders where Eric went.

Jennifer assumes Eric went to find Nicole.  Jennifer is afraid Eric will go after Brady with a vengeance. Brady tells Eric he didn’t say anything because he was with Jennifer. Brady tries to justify not talking to protect Nicole.  Eric tells Brady he thought they had moved on.  Eric tells Brady that he ruined the chance he and Nicole could have happiness.  Eric tells Brady he doesn’t believe anything he says.  Eric calls Brady pathetic and denounces him as his brother.

Eric Confronts Brady

Days of Our Lives’   Eric shows up in Brady’s room.  Brady asks what’s wrong; Eric punches him. Eric tells Brady not to lie to him; he knows what Brady did.  Eve (Kassie DePaiva) accuses Eric of attacking her fiance’.  Eric slams Brady against the wall and demands he starts talking. Eric hits Brady again.  Eve threatens to call security.  Eric says this isn’t about Marlena (Deidre Hall) or Paul; it’s about what Brady did to him.

Eric tells Brady he lost the love of his life because of him.  Brady tells Eric he can explain.  Eric calls Brady horrible for making Nicole choose between him and her daughter. Brady tells Eric what he did.  Brady tells Eric he didn’t mean to destroy his life.  Brady says he isn’t that guy anymore. Eric asks why Brady didn’t just come and tells him. Jennifer shows up to see Brady.

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