Days of Our Lives Recap Thursday, September 20:  Gabi Determined To Bring Gabby Back And Win Chad

Days of Our Lives Recap Thursday, September 20:  Gabi Determined To Bring Gabby Back And Win ChadDays of Our Lives’ Thursday September 20 recap begins with  Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) tells Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) he is the baby’s father. Kayla thinks it’s odd that all fifteen markers matched.

Kayla Tells Steve His Situation Is Her Fault

Lucas is stunned that he’s the baby’s father. Steve (ex Stephen Nichols)  calls Kayla; she thinks she knows how this happened.  Kayla tells Steve that Stefan (Tyler Christopher)  can control the eye. Steve tries to reassure Kayla that everything will be ok.

Lucas is in shock, Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) knows he will be there for his daughter and she will too.  Chloe offers to go with Lucas to talk to Bonnie, he refuses.  Chloe doesn’t know how to handle this baby situation.  Kayla wonders if Lucas is going to keep Bonnie out of jail.

Bonnie Hides The Baby

Days of Our Lives’  Bonnie expects Lucas to get her out of jail any time. Bonnie can’t believe Sheila (Tionne T-Boz Watkins) abandoned them because of money. Bonnie can’t get the baby to hush.  Bonnie wants to call for reinforcements.  Lucas shows up at the police station. Bonnie demands Lucas call Adrienne.  Lucas tells Bonnie she will end up back in jail anyway.

Lucas says he will be raising that baby on his own.  Bonnie asks how Lucas could consider separating her and the baby.  Bonnie begs Lucas not to send her back to jail.  Bonnie tells Lucas he won’t be with the baby either. Bonnie tells Lucas he doesn’t know where the baby is.  Lucas demands to know who has the baby.

Eli Helps Sheila

Days of Our Lives’  Abe (James Reynolds) thinks Sheila stole his credit card.  Abe tells Sheila he knows who she is.  Sheila accuses Abe of profiling her because of her history. Abe wants to know that brings Sheila back to Salem.  Abe accuses Sheila of being there to help Bonnie (Judy Evans). Sheila tells Abe she wasn’t trying to steal his credit card and begins to walk away.


Abe grabs Sheila, and she claims assault. Sheila starts raving that Abe tried to assault her. Eli (Lamon Archey) walks in and asks what’s going on.  Eli asks Abe to let him handle this. Eli tells Sheila to spill it.  Sheila tells Eli she just got the credit card to turn it in.  Eli tells Sheila he’s not getting back with Lani (Sal Stowers).  Sheila talks Eli into buying her lunch.  Sheila tells Eli to forget Lani; she doesn’t deserve him.

Lani Wonders About Her Decision

Days of Our Lives’  Eli awaits Lani ’s answer.  Lani has feelings for Eli but doesn’t think they should date.  Eli tells Lani he has always been found her attractive.   Lani thinks it just about the baby; it’s not for Eli. Lani apologizes for hurting Eli.  Lani wants her and Eli to remain friends.

Eli walks away from Lani. Abe joins Lani, and she tells him what happened with Eli. Lani confesses that a part of her is sad, they had a connection.  Abe tells Lani that love is a risk and no one can blame her for being cautious.  Lani feels horrible for hurting Eli.  Abe says Eli helped her out of a mess.

Gabi Tells Kate Her New Plan

Days of Our Lives’ Chad (Billy Flynn) is waiting for Abby (Marci Miller) and Thomas.  Kate (Lauren Koslow) questions if he’s getting back with Abby. Chad tells Kate that he’s talking to Gabi (Camila Banus) about this situation.  Kate tries to hint to Chad that talking to Gabi isn’t a good idea. Chad says this pregnancy seemed perfect until the baby turned out to be Stefan’s. Kate tells Chad she wants to see him back with Abby.  Abby didn’t intentionally cheat on him; Chad goes to check on her.  Kate tries to get Gabi to give up this plan.

Gabi has no intention of doing so. Gabi needs to take her plan to the next level; she’s going to bring Gabby back.  Gabi is going to make it look like Gabby is back.  Gabi plans to put Abby back in a mental hospital.  Gabi is going to make it look like Stefan set this up.  Gabi is determined to get Chad back and raise both kids together. Gabi says when Chad realizes the baby is his, he will fall right into her bed.  Gabi has tried everything, and it hasn’t worked.  Gabi begs Kate to stay quiet.

Chad Finds A Drugged Abby

Days of Our Lives’ Gabi has drugged Abby and had a surprise when she wakes up. Chad misses Abby and Thomas and has to find a way to deal with this.  Kate urges Chad to call Abby to see why she’s late.  Gabi hangs up Abby’s phone on Chad. Gabi begins to move Abby.  Gabi carries Abby to her room and pulls out the wig. Kate texts Gabi to come to her house immediately.  Gabi leaves Abby and almost forgets her purse.  Chad comes in while Gabi is still there.  Chad hears Thomas crying and runs upstairs.

Chad gets Thomas, and they find Abby asleep in her bed. Abby wonders why Chad is there.  Abby has no idea what happened; she doesn’t remember lying down there.  Chad tells Abby that Thomas was crying and afraid.  Abby suggests still going on the picnic.  Abby can’t figure out how this happened. Abby knows she has messed up, Chad agrees.  Abby apologizes to Chad for falling asleep.  Chad hugs Abby and says they will have another chance to connect.

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