Days of Our Lives RECAP Thursday, October 11 – Nicole Offers To Kill Xander

Days of Our Lives RECAP Thursday, October 11 – Nicole Offers To Kill XanderDays of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Thursday, October 11, 2018, reveals, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) suggests they kill Xander (Paul Telfer). Eric (Greg Vaughan) doesn’t think she means it literally. Nicole says she will kill Xander; there is no difference in killing Xander and killing Deimos (Vicent Irizarry).

Nicole Wants Eric To Raise Holly

Nicole tells Eric he doesn’t know what it has been like being trapped there with Xander. Nicole tells Eric she imagines the three of them together as a family. Nicole tells Eric it makes the torture worse. Holly cries, Nicole usually gets her back to sleep. Eric wants to see Holly, Nicole goes to get her. Eric tells Holly how pretty she is and wants to hold her. Holly refuses to let Eric hold her.

Eric still loves Holly as much as he loves Nicole. Nicole tries to send Holly off with Eric. Nicole wants Holly to have a better life. Nicole begs Eric to take Holly and raise her as his own. Nicole tries to push Eric into leaving with Holly, but he refuses. Eric’s biggest mistake was letting Nicole go. Eric asks where Xander goes when he leaves. Eric vows to follow Xander tomorrow. Eric and Nicole begin kissing.

Stefan Gives Sami A Lead

Days of Our Lives’ Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Stefan (Tyler Christopher) discuss Xander is possibly working for Kristen (Stacy Haiduk). Stefan claims to be doing fine, Sami disagrees and offers him cash. Sami tells Stefan that position is 9/10 of the law. Stefan accuses Sami of not following the law.

Sami still has 250 million and offers Stefan 125 million of it. Sami offers to send 63 million now and 62 when Stefan gives her information. Stefan gives Sami the routing and account numbers. Stefan tells Sami that Kristen handed E.J. (James Scott) over to Stefano (Joe Mascolo). Stefan tells Sami that E.J. is recovering in a private facility. Stefan demands the rest of the money before he talks. Sami promises Stefan that E.J. will destroy him for not helping her. Sami tells Stefan he is afraid of E.J. Sami doesn’t believe Stefan.

Sami tells Stefan to help her find E.J. if she wants to connect with his family. Sami explains that E.J. is everything to his family. Sami has spent three years searching and begs him to help her. Stefan tells Sami he doesn’t know where E.J. is, Sami turns to leave Stefan gives her a paper with an address, he doesn’t know if it’s important. Stefan wants the rest of the money. Sami throws Stefan’s words back at him with a kiss.


Hattie Threatens To Turn On John

Days of Our Lives’ Roman (Josh Taylor) tells Hattie (Deidre Hall) she shouldn’t be there. Roman tries to get her back to the hospital. Hattie wants a burger; Roman pushes her out the door. Marlena (Deidre Hall) tells Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) that John (Drake Hogestyn) is trying to get out of this marriage. Roman gets Hattie back in bed. John threatens to send Hattie back to prison. John thanks Roman for bringing Hattie back.

Roman tells Hattie there will be hell to pay if she comes back by the pub. Hattie tries to make light of her disappearance. Roman thanks Kayla for her help and hopes they can get John’s marriage annulled soon. John tells Hattie to keep her ass in bed. Hattie tells John she will turn them in, John tells Hattie they will all be in trouble including her, and she will go back to jail.

Brady Gets Knocked Out

Days of Our Lives’ Brady (Eric Martsolf) follows Kristen to a warehouse when she is meeting with Xander. Kristen wants to know if they have a real marriage yet. Xander admits that they don’t. Xander tells Kristen they had an unexpected visitor. Brady tries to figure out Kristin’s password. Xander tells Kristen that Eric was there.

Xander tells Kristen not to worry about Eric. Xander tells Kristen he threatened to finish what he started at the wedding. Kristen is furious that Xander was in Salem and not watching over things in Tennessee. Xander assures Kristen he was only there an hour. Brady tries to unscrew the security system. Xander tells Kristen he has kept her project safe. Kristen tells Xander that Brady is there with her.

Kristen says Brady loves her and she can trust him. Brady gets shocked trying to cut wires in the security system. Kristen wants to see the patient. Kristen calls Brady while she waits. Brady is still on the ground outside. Xander goes to a door marked E.D.

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