Days of Our Lives Recap November 12: Abby’s Daughter Is Born – Gabi Confesses To Stefan

Days of Our Lives Recap November 12: Abby’s Daughter Is Born - Gabi Confesses To Stefan Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Monday, November 12, 2018, reveals, Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) tells Ciara (Victoria Konefal) she wishes she didn’t have a boyfriend.

Ben Tells Ciara He Has Feelings For Her

Ciara asks why Ben would say that. Ben tells Ciara he has feelings for her. Ciara seems surprised by Ben’s admission. Ben tells Ciara he fell for her at the cabin. Ciara is the only person who let him be something besides his past. Ciara asks why Ben didn’t say anything sooner; Ben asks if Ciara has feelings for him. Ciara asks why Ben would ask that he knows she is in love with Tripp (Lucas Adams).

Ben tells Ciara she committed to Tripp after he was arrested and wants to know if they would have had a chance if that hadn’t happened. Ciara asks Ben if he is suggesting she only committed to Tripp because he wasn’t available. Ciara accuses Ben of being egotistical. Ciara wishes she hadn’t told Ben about her and Tripp’s problems. Ben tells Ciara it was egotistical of him to assume she could love him. Ben tells Ciara he isn’t sure he could love someone. Ciara assures Ben that he will find someone to love who will love him. Ben thanks Ciara and tells her it was kind of her. Ben wishes her luck and leaves, Ciara is visibly upset.

Hope And Rafe Question Tripp

Days of Our Lives’ Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Rafe (Galen Gering) asks if Tripp purchased anything at Brookville Hardware. Rafe and Hope tell Tripp they talked to the store owner and the accelerant was purchased after the fire. Hope says someone would have to have access to Ben to lift his fingerprint, like a roommate. Hope asks Tripp if he planted the evidence.

Tripp thanks Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) for having his back and tells her he should confess. Claire tells Tripp that Ciara will never forgive him. Tripp tells Claire the store owner could i.d. him. Claire has an idea to save him. Tripp reminds Claire that he is in love with Ciara and doesn’t want to take advantage of her. Claire tells Tripp she know that and would do this for any of her friends. Tripp asks Claire if she believes this is going to work. Wyatt walks into the police station and confesses to framing Ben.

Rafe Defends Gabi

Days of Our Lives’ Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) tells J.J. (Casey Moss) that the police are looking for Chad (Billy Flynn) for kidnapping Abby (Marci Miller). Jennifer can’t believe that Chad would kidnap Abby. J.J. tells Jennifer he saw Chad last night and he was distraught. J.J. tells Jennifer that Chad said something about thinking outside the box.

Hope and Rafe come to the police department to meet Jennifer, and J.J. Jennifer tells Hope that Jennifer believes she is being set up and Rafe asks by who. Rafe is shocked that by Abby’s accusations. Rafe calls to check on Gabi and get her voicemail; Rafe tells her to call him.


Stefan Threatens To Call The Cops

Days of Our Lives’ Stefan (Tyler Christopher) finds Gabi (Camila Banus) in his house an asks why she’s there. Gabi tells Stefan she is there to see Abby. Stefan tells Gabi she’s lying that Abby believes she is framing her. Gabi tells Stefan that Chad planned to kidnap Abby and she is there to stop him. Stefan wants to see what is in Gabi’s bag; she refuses to let him. Stefan grabs the bag away from Gabi and finds the wig. Stefan demands to know what that is. Gabi admits to Stefan that she still resents Abby. Stefan finds the sedative and Gabi admits to setting Abby up.

Stefan accuses Gabi of risking his child’s life. Gabi tells him she made sure the baby was safe. Gabi tells Stefan she sent the text from Gabby (Marci Miller) and drugged her and brought her to the mansion. Gabi tells Stefan there is more to the plan and she didn’t expect Abby to marry him. Gabi admits to working with Kate (Lauren Koslow), but she has no idea where Chad took Abby. Stefan has no use for her now. Gabi threatens Stefan who says he is turning her into the police.

Abby And Chad Bond Over The Baby

Days of Our Lives’ Abby tries to convince Chad she is going into labor. Chad tries to tell Abby she’s having false labor. Abby informs Chad her water just broke. Chad keeps telling Abby to stop; she asked if he is blaming her for this. Abby tells Chad if he hadn’t kidnapped her she would be in a hospital and not stranded on an island. Chad has no phone signal to call for help. Abby’s labor is getting worse, and Chad keeps trying to get a signal on his phone. Abby tells Chad he should know there is no signal on the island.

Chad didn’t know he was bringing Abby to a dead zone. Abby tells Chad Laura probably cannot get in touch with them. Chad tells Abby yelling at him isn’t helping. Chad wants to go to the boat and try to get to land. Abby tells Chad they don’t have time to get to Salem. Abby tells Chad he is going to have to help her deliver this baby, she has to do most of the work. Abby sents Chad for towels and warm water after getting settled on the couch. Chad assures Abby he can do this, Sonny delivered a baby, so can he. Chad and Abby agree to talk later. Chad tells Abby he loves her and doesn’t know how things spiraled so out of control.

Chad tells Abby they are in this together. Chad tells Abby she’s an old pro at having babies in cabins and she can do this. Abby tells Chad she is scared. Chad asks Abby if she wasn’t born in a cabin and asks her to tell him the story. Chad keeps talking Abby through the birth. Abby and Chad say I love you and kiss. Abby delivers the baby; it’s a little girl. Chad tells Abby the baby is perfect. Chad cleans up the baby and hands her to Abby. Chad and Abby look a the baby and talk about how perfect she is. Chad and Abby snuggle with the baby and kiss.

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