Days of Our Lives RECAP Monday, July 9: Sonny And Will Can’t Find Leo’s Body

Days of Our Lives RECAP Monday, July 9: Sonny And Will Can’t Find Leo's BodyDays Of Our Lives” (DOOL) recap for Monday, July 9, 2018, Eve (Kassie DePaiva) wants to know why Brady (Eric Martsolf) didn’t go to the police with Deimos’ (Vincent Izizarry) murderer. Brady wasn’t being noble or protecting anyone, he cannot tell Eve who murdered him.

Eve Wants Brady To Turn Nicole In

Eve keeps pushing Brady to tell her the truth. Eric (Greg Vaughan) knocks before he can. Brady wants to know what Eric wants. Eric tells Brady that he talked to Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin). Eric wants to try to help Brady and Theresa (Jen Lilley) come to an agreement.

Eric tells Brady that J.J. (Casey Moss) is talking to Theresa. Eric tries to get Brady to try and talk Theresa down. Eve tells Eric about the lawyer’s tactics and says she knows for a fact that Brady didn’t kill Deimos.


Eve tells Eric he has a hell of a nerve to come in and play peacemaker. Brady points out that what Justin (Wally Kurth) tells them to do is what’s right.   Brady tells Eric that he promoted the bond between Theresa and Tate (Colin and Kyle Schroeder).

Brady tells Eric they are beyond mediation. Eric leaves, Eve assumes that he killed Deimos, Brady tells her Nicole (Arianne Zucker) is the killer. Brady tells Eve that Nicole confessed and how he forced her to leave town.

Brady didn’t want to see Eric and Nicole together, he wanted them to be miserable, so he blackmailed her. Eve questions Eric’s knowledge of what happened. Eve plans on telling everyone what Nicole did. Eve tries to get Brady to turn Nicole in.

Brady isn’t miserable anymore and he’s not doing this to Nicole. Eve tries to tell Brady that he could go to prison if he doesn’t. Eve pushes Brady to go after Nicole and put her away. Brady tells Theresa he won’t turn Nicole in because that would make his as bad as Deimos.

Sonny Tells Justin He Met With Leo

Days of Our Lives’ Sonny (Freddie Smith) is in the living room thinking of his and Will’s (Chandler Massey) conversation in the park. Justin walks in and wants to know if Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) is redecorating again.

Sonny starts reliving Leo’s (Greg Rikaart) death. Justin wants to prep Sonny for the trial tomorrow. Justin tells Sonny about Ted (Gilles Marini) being ruthless. Justin tells Sonny to not get defensive, to act normal. Justin gives Sonny an idea of how Ted will react.

Sonny says he should not have got involved with this phony in the first place. Sonny tells Justin that he needs to tell him something about Leo. Sonny tells Justin he had to do something to make his screw up right. Sonny tells Justin that he met up with Leo.

Justin wants to know what happened between Leo and Sonny. Sonny tells Justin about Leo figuring out he was recording them and wanted to get back together. Sonny gives Justin the file Paul (Christopher Sean) sent him. Justin will do everything in his power to make the Leo problem disappear.

Leo Lies To Paul To Help Sonny

Days of Our Lives’ Will is waiting for Paul to show up, he needs to go meet Sonny. Paul shows up at the door and wants to know what happened at Sonny’s. Paul tells Will he understands he’s busy. Paul is just curious about what happened.

Will tells Paul that Sonny wanted to show the evidence to Justin first. Paul asks if Will told Sonny about the memories. Will tells Paul that he made it clear that memories don’t change his feelings. Will kisses Paul, Sonny knows they are in love.

Paul can’t believe the Will remembers and still wants to be with him.   Will tries to get rid of Paul supposedly so he can work. Will tells Paul he is a major distraction. Paul leaves to go home, Will listens to see if he’s gone.

Ben Is Worried About Ciara

Days of Our Lives’ Rafe (Galin Gering) is trying to locate Ciara’s (Victoria Konefal) phone. Hope (Kristian Alfonso) realizes the signal if from where Ben (Robert Scott Wison) held Abby (Marci Miller). Rafe and Hope make it to the cabin which is on fire, they call to Ciara.

Ciara wakes up to a cabin fire, she needs to get out of there. Ciara can’t get to the door, she tries to make it to the window and falls. Rafe and Hope make it to the cabin which is on fire, they call to Ciara. Rafe bursts through the door and he and Hope rush to Ciara who isn’t breathing.

Ciara isn’t breathing, Rafe carries her outside. Hope is going CPR on Ciara while Rafe calls for an ambulance. Ciara wakes up as Ben arrives yelling for her. Rafe pulls a gun on Ben and doesn’t let him closer to Ciara. Rafe questions if he and Hope screwed up his plan. Rafe tackles Ben who is still trying to figure out what has happened.

Eric and Jennifer Discuss Salem Events

Days of Our Lives’ Roman (Josh Taylor) is at the pub, Jennifer comes in, Eric is supposed to meet her there. Roman tells Jennifer about Ciara and that Ben may have her. Roman tells Jennifer that Marlena (Deidre Hall) says Ben is sane.

Jennifer wants to know if there is any proof that Ben and Ciara are together. Jennifer calls Hope and asked her to call back. Roman and Jennifer talk about Eric and Nicole. Eric shows up and Roman offers him and Jennifer food.

Eric pulls Jennifer into a kiss. Jennifer fills Eric in on what’s happening with Ciara. Eric and Jennifer talk about Theresa and Brady. Paul shows up to get a beer at the pub. Paul can tell the story is important.

Sonny And Will Can’t Find Leo

Days of Our Lives’ Sonny and Will meet in the park. Will wants to call the cops, Sonny says they can’t explain moving the body. Sonny and Will go to the car to set up the accident. Sonny and Will discover Leo’s body and car are gone.

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