Days Of Our Lives RECAP Monday, August 20: Marlena’s Mysterious Gift, Kate Attacks Ted

Days Of Our Lives RECAP Monday, August 20: Marlena's Mysterious Gift, Kate Attacks Ted Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Monday, August 20, 2018, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) walks in on Tripp (Lucas Adams) saying Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) can stay.

Ciara Throws Hope Out

Ciara (Victoria Konefal) is protecting Ben. Hope wants to know why Ciara would say that. Hope doesn’t regret trying to make Ben leave town. Ciara tells Hope she has no proof. Ciara tells Hope she is using her position to punish an innocent man.

Ciara asks Hope who the real monster is here. Ciara tells Hope she doesn’t need protection from Ben. Hope says Ben tried to kill her. Ciara and Ben try to tell her he didn’t. Hope says Ciara is making a mistake. Ciara has nothing more to say to Hope.

Tripp tells Hope he’s not ok with Ben being there. Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) is trying to get along with Ciara. Claire owes Ben for not pressing charges. Hope keeps pushing Claire. Hope says Ciara pressured them into this. Hope threatens to call the landlord.

Hope will also call the tenants. Ciara tells Hope they will be finished forever. Ciara tells Hope to leave. Hope asks what Bo would think. Ciara tells her to leave Bo out of it. Hope leaves. Tripp wants Claire to change her mind. Claire refuses as Ciara gets Ben a pillow.

Bonnie Is Back In Town

Days of Our Lives’ Steve (Stephen Nichols) calls Adrienne (Judy Evans) with news on Bonnie (Judy Evans). Steve has brought her back to Salem. Bonnie says she did nothing wrong. Angelica (Morgan Fairchild) made Bonnie go along with the plan.

Bonnie comes on to Steve. Steve tells Bonnie no and walks away. Steve calls Kayla. Steve wants to finish their conversation. Adrienne gets to the police station. Steve tells Adrienne what Bonnie did. Adrienne wants to see Bonnie alone. Adrienne goes into Bonnie’s room.

Bonnie complements Adrienne’s hair. Bonnie blames Hattie (Deidre Hall) for what happened. Bonnie isn’t proud of what she did. Bonnie is sure Adrienne is back with Lucas (Bryan Dattilo). Adrienne says she is with Justin (Wally Kurth) Bonnie helped Adrienne realize who she loved.

Bonnie says she and Adrienne are connected.   Bonnie wants Adrienne to help her out. Adrienne tells Bonnie she’s going back to prison. Bonnie calls someone for help. Hope wants Lani (Sal Stowers) to take Steve’s statement. Hope tells Steve they need to find a way to make Ben leave town.

Sonny Confesses His True Feelings To Will

Days of Our Lives’ Will (Chandler Massey) tells Sonny (Freddie Smith) their partnership is over. Sonny tells Will he doesn’t want it to be. Sonny tells Will they make a great team. Will is lucky to have Sonny as a friend. Sonny still loves Will. Will tells Sonny to stop.

Will doesn’t blame Sonny for wanting more. Will tells Sonny they are just friends. Sonny asks if Will is sure. Will cares about Sonny. Will loves Paul (Christopher Sean). Will tells Sonny they tried when he came home. Sonny doesn’t want things to be awkward forever.


Will is glad Sonny can be honest with him.   Will knows Sonny will find someone who makes him happy. Will promises to call when he hears from Kate. Sonny is looking at a picture when Adrienne comes in. Adrienne tells Sonny Bonnie’s in custody. Sonny tells Adrienne that he talked to Will. Will doesn’t feel the same way Sonny does. Sonny knows where he stands now.

Kate Holds A Gun On Ted

Days of Our Lives’ Kate (Lauren Koslow) pulls a gun on Ted (Gilles Marini). Kate thought about paying him off. Kate tells Ted she would rather off him. Ted tells Kate she’s not a murderer. Kate tells Ted too bad he can’t ask Vivian (Louise Sorel).

Kate tells Ted she told the police the gun went off. Kate says there is no proof she didn’t murder Vivian. Kate tells Ted she killed Vivian because she crossed her. Kate wonders why she should pay Ted. Ted stabbed Kate and Will in the back. Ted tries to talk Kate down.

Ted asked if Kate could kill someone in cold blood. Kate puts the gun to Ted’s chest. Kate tells Ted we will see. Kate is having a drink. Kate calls Will. Will asks if Kate talked to Ted. Kate tells Will Ted won’t bother them anymore. Kate hangs up with Will. Kate questions if Ted really thought she would pay him.

Marlena Receives A Gift

Days of Our Lives’ John and Marlena discuss the wedding. John wants to have a private party. Marlena receives a box. The gift is a doll with Marlena’s dress from 1999. John teases Marlena with the doll.

John says the resemblance is uncanny. Marlena thinks she knows who sent the doll. John calls the warden. John talked to Hattie. Hattie wishes John and Marlena luck. John isn’t worried about the wedding.

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