Days of Our Lives Recap Friday, September 21: Hattie Wants To Get Married

Days of Our Lives Recap Friday, September 21: Hattie Wants To Get Married Days of Our Lives’  Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) goes to see Adrienne (Judy Evans) about Bonnie (Judy Evans). Adrienne is glad that Will (Chandler Massey) has his memory back.

Adrienne Drops The Charges Against Bonnie

Adrienne thinks Lucas is there to talk about Will and Sonny (Freddie Smith), but he needs her help.  Lucas tells Adrienne that Bonnie can’t go back to prison, he needs her to drop the charges. Adrienne has problems trying to understand how Lucas has a baby with Bonnie.

Lucas tells Adrienne what Bonnie is threatening him with over the baby. Lucas explains that Bonnie is up for conditional release.  Lucas begs Adrienne to drop the charges. Adrienne tells Lucas about her nightmares.  Lucas wants to know what kind of life that the baby will have if she doesn’t help him.  Lucas joins Chloe with the news that Adrienne dropped the charges.

Chloe Isn’t Sure She Can Deal With This Drama

Days of Our Lives’  Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) visits Brady (Eric Martsolf), and they discuss Paul (Christopher Sean). Chloe credits Brady for getting her through her treatments. Chloe asks Brady for relationship advice. Chloe tells Brady about the baby.  Chloe is afraid Lucas will have a relapse. Chloe tells Brady about the DNA test.  Chloe is afraid of how they are both going to handle this.  Parker has issue and Chloe isn’t sure if he can handle a new baby especially with Bonnie as it’s mother.

Brady tells Chloe he will help Lucas all he can. Chloe asks how Brady is holding up over Kristen (Stacy Haiduk).  Brady blames himself to Kristen’s obsession with him.  Brady says he’s made bad choices in the past few years. Brady can’t imagine one day without Eve (Kassie DePaiva).  Chloe says Eve is a lucky woman.  Eve joins Brady in their room. Eve is the happiest woman in the world.

Jennifer Tell Eric, She’s Been Lying To Him

Days of Our Lives’  Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and Eric (Greg Vaughan) are on the phone.  Eric wants to come to visit Jennifer while Marlena is (Deidre Hall) resting. Eve shows up at Jennifer’s door. Jennifer tells Eve she is getting ready to tell Eric the truth.  Eve tells Jennifer she’s not telling him.  Eve reminds Jennifer how many times she has changed her mind.  Jennifer tells Eve that both Brady and Eric deserve to know the truth.

Jennifer tells Eve she doesn’t worry about anyone but herself. Eve accuses Jennifer of just unburdening her guilty conscious.  Eve rants to Jennifer about destroying all of their lives.  Jennifer tells Eve she will keep her mouth shut.  Jennifer agrees that telling Eric won’t do any good at all. Eve tells Jennifer she is not going to regret this. Eric apologies for not being with Jennifer much.  Eric wants to know what was so important that Jennifer needed to tell him.  Jennifer tells Eric that she’s been lying to him and he needs to know that truth.

Hattie Continues To Act Up

Days of Our Lives’  Belle (Martha Madison) talks to Eric; she wants Marlena to be her old self again. Belle takes flowers to Marlena, but Roman tries to keep her from it. Belle needs to be with her mom now.  Belle barges into “Marlena’s “room. “Marlena,” tells Belle her flowers aren’t big or bright enough. Belle asks what is going on with “Marlena.”


Belle questions Marlena’s change in favorite flower.  “Marlena,” tells Belle to take the flowers away.  Belle thought Marlena wanted the ventilator unhooked. “Marlena,” tells Belle to leave and not come back.  Belle knows that Marlena feels betrayed. “Marlena” starts to throw Belle out when John (Drake Hogestyn) walks in.  John tells “Marlena.” they need to tell Belle how proud they are of her.  “Marlena” understands and isn’t mad at Belle anymore.  “Marlena” wants to get married right now.

Kayla Hopes She Can Save Marlena

Days of Our Lives’ John is with Marlena; there has been no change.  John talks to Marlena and urges her to come back. John doesn’t want Hattie parading around town as Marlena.  John is hopeful that Marlena will come out of the coma soon. John doesn’t know how to repay Kayla for this.  John tells Kayla she could lose her career for this. Kayla loves Marlena too and would do anything for her.

Kayla assures John that no one will find them there.  Roman (Josh Taylor) tells Kayla and John that there is a problem.  John goes to do damage control.  Kayla tells Roman there has been no change in Marlena. Kayla and Roman both hope they can pull this off.  Roman and Kayla are with Marlena.  The world is a better place with Marlena in it, but Kayla isn’t sure they can save her.

Roman Promises Hattie Food

Days of Our Lives’ Roman is trying to keep everyone away from Hattie (Deidre Hall).  Hattie is complaining about the hospital food.  Roman tries to explain that Kayla cannot release her this soon.  Hattie threatens to tell everyone the truth.  John doesn’t want Hattie running around town as Marlena. Roman reminds Hattie she wanted to make things up to Marlena. Roman busted Hattie out of prison for a reason.  Hattie demands a burger and fries from the pub.

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