Days of Our Lives RECAP Friday, August 10: Sami Isn’t Coming To The Wedding, Hope, And Rafe Reunite

Days of Our Lives RECAP Friday, August 10: Sami Isn’t Coming To The Wedding, Hope, And Rafe ReuniteOn today’s Days of Our Lives’ recap for Friday August 10, Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) tells Ciara (Victoria Konefal) his bags are packed and he’s leaving town. 

Ciara Vows To Fight For Ben

Ciara can’t believe that Ben agreed to that deal.  Ben tells Ciara that Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and her cops will harass him every day.  Ben tells Ciara no one will hire him. Ben wants to start over and Hope won’t let that happen in Salem.  Ciara doesn’t want Ben to give up.  Ciara is determined to confront Hope.  Ben tries to tell Ciara to leave it alone.  

Ciara wants Ben to stay and prove that he’s changed.  Ben asks Ciara how he’s supposed to prove that to everyone.  Ciara vows not to give up on him. Ciara wants to know if Ben wants to stay in Salem.  Ben tell Ciara he does.  Ciara tells Ben they are gonna fight this together.  Ben tells Ciara this is not her fight. Ciara tells Ben someone has to fight for him, it might as well be her.

Hope Asks Rafe To Move Home

Days of Our Lives’ Hope tells Rafe (Galin Gering) she made Ben an offer he couldn’t refuse. Hope tells Rafe how she forced Ben to agree to leave town.  Rafe tells Hope he hopes she knows what she’s doing.  Hope tells Rafe that Ben knows leaving town is the only choice.   Hope says this is a reason to celebrate.  Rafe tells Hope she’s smiling.  Hope agrees this is good. 


Hope and Rafe talk about Gabi (Camille Banus) and Ari (Sydney and Harper Udell).  Rafe blames himself for not getting Gabi out of prison. Rafe and Hope talk about their relationship. Hope and Rafe are dancing.  Gabi calls Rafe, Hope insists he answers. Gabi tells Rafe she and Ari have made up.  Gabi borrows clothes off Sonny to sleep in.  Rafe tells Hope that Gabi won’t be home.  Hope asks Rafe to come back home.

Chad Knows Sonny Needs Money

Days of Our Lives’  Chad (Billy Flynn) overhears Sonny (Freddie Smith) asking Will (Chandler Massey) about the money.  Sonny sees Chad and gets off the phone.  Chad questions why Sonny is so desperate for money. Sonny tells Chad he’s trying to start a new business. Chad offers to help with the new venture.   Sonny says Chad needs to keep his distance. 

Sonny wants to know why Chad is there so late.  Chad tells Sonny he left Abby (Marci Miller). Sonny can’t believe Abby let Stefan (Tyler Christopher) touch her.  Sonny doesn’t blame Chad for his feelings.  Sonny tells Chad walking away from Abby won’t fix this. Gabi overhears Chad say he moved out. Gabi wants to see Ari.  Gabi wants to tells Ari the truth about everything. Sonny goes to get Ari.  Gabi hugs Chad and acts concerned.

Sonny and Chad help explain to Ari that Gabi was in prison.  Sonny tells Ari that he lied because he didn’t want her to be scared.  Ari wants Gabi to stay over.  Ari wants a sleepover in her room tonight.  Chad wants to get a room at the Salem Inn.  Sonny insists Chad stay at the mansion.

Abby Tells J.J. That Chad Left

Days of Our Lives’  Abby is thinking about Chad.  J.J. (Casey Moss) shows up to check on Abby. Abby tells J.J. that Chad left.  Abby tells J.J. what Chad saw.  Abby tells Chad this is her fault.  Abby tells J.J. she should have gone after Chad.  J.J. tells Abby that Chad probably needs space. J.J. tells Abby the situations are different. Abby tells J.J. that Gabi told her to lie. 

J.J. tells Abby that Gabi is there for Chad too.  J.J. tells Abby he didn’t like what he saw.   Abby tells J.J. she’s there if he needs her too.  J.J. leaves.  Chad calls Abby and tells her he’s staying at Sonny’s tonight. Gabi tells Chad he has her.

John And Marlena Know Something Is Off With Sami

Days of Our Lives’ John (Drake Hogestyn) sees Marlena (Deidre Hall) in her wedding dress.  Marlena tells John he ruined the wedding.  John asks if Marlena believes in the stuff.  Marlena does and John should too.   John doesn’t believe in bad luck.  John says people make their own luck. Marlena is afraid something will go wrong.  John wants to pretend this never happened.  Marlena says its too late.  

John apologizes again for walking in on Marlena.  John tells Marlena she looks just as beautiful in that robe.  Marlena tells John she’s been waking up afraid at night.  John thinks Marlena is anxious because she’s trying to protect herself from being hurt. John tells Marlena bad luck isn’t a match for true love.  John and Marlena make love and then discuss the wedding. 

No one has heard from Sami (Alison Sweeney).  Sami calls and Marlena answers the phone.  Sami tells Marlena she’s not coming to the wedding.  Sami knows some people won’t be happy to see her.  Sami tells Marlena she can’t bear to face Hope.  John and Marlena know something else is going on. 

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