Days of Our Lives RECAP for Tuesday, September 18: Hope Swears She Didn’t Fabricate Evidence

Days of Our Lives RECAP for Tuesday, September 18: Hope Swears She Didn’t Fabricate EvidenceDays of Our Lives’ Tuesday September 18 episode recap begins with Hope (Kristian Alfonso) surprised that Rafe (Galen Gering) believes she planted evidence.  Rafe tells Hope this looks a little convenient.

Hope Is Still Jealous Of Sami

Rafe tells Hope finding the exact evidence she needs sounds suspicious.  Hope says maybe she got lucky.  Rafe says maybe she made her luck; it’s not like she hasn’t broken the law before.  Hope says this is nothing like Stefano (Joe Mascolo).  Rafe tells Hope she is desperate to protect Ciara (Victoria Konefal).  Rafe tells Hope that he loves her and she can be honest.  Hope wants Rafe to try harder to believe she didn’t plant this evidence.  Hope tells Rafe she didn’t do anything wrong.  Hope wants to talk about sneaking Sami (Alison Sweeney) out of the hospital.  Hope tells Rafe he looked her in the eye and lied.

Rafe says there wasn’t time to do that paperwork. Hope goes back to Rafe sleeping with Sami.  Hope says everytime Sami says jump, Rafe asks how high. Hope accuses Rafe of being under Sami’s spells.  Hope says Rafe never supports her like he does Sami.  Rafe says Sami was under complete control.  Rafe wants to know what Hope is going to do about his lack of protocol. Rafe tells Hope to punish him if she wants for helping Sami.  Hope says her priority is finding Kristen (Stacy Haiduk).  Hope wants to make these charges against Ben stick.  Hope says she will never let Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) near her daughter or granddaughter again.

Ciara And Tripp Discuss Ben

Days Of Our Lives’ Ciara shows up at the apartment and breaks up a kiss between Tripp (Lucas Adams) and Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan).  Tripp and Claire say the kiss was a celebration.  Tripp blames Ciara for not being there. Ciara tells Tripp that she went to help Ben.  Ciara tells Tripp that Ben accused Hope of trying to frame him.  Ciara says Ben can’t refute the evidence.  Ben Weston is guilty as hell.

Ciara tells Tripp that Ben played her.  Tripp tells Ciara that Ben knew what buttons to push.  Ciara apologizes to Tripp for bringing Ben there.  Tripp starts to kiss Ciara.  Ciara asks if Tripp would rather be kissing Claire.  Tripp isn’t going to let anyone or anything come between them. Tripp and Ciara kiss. Ciara goes out to move her bike.  Claire hopes she didn’t cause any trouble between Tripp and Ciara.  Tripp tells Claire he is with Ciara.  Claire tries to convince Tripp that Ciara will still help Ben.

Belle Wants To Make Things Right

Days Of Our Lives’ Belle (Martha Madison) tells Shawn (Brandon Beemer) that Marlena (Deidre Hall) is alive.  Belle tells Shawn she is a  bad daughter. Belle tells Shawn how Sami went off on her as well.  Belle tells Shawn that Marlena accused her of attempted murder.

Shawn tells Belle that doesn’t make sense.  Shawn tells Belle that Hope arrested Ben.  Shawn believes he pushed Hope to fabricate evidence.  Belle tells Shawn that Hope would never make up evidence. Shawn wants to go back to the Inn.  Belle wants to see Marlena and make things right.

Hattie Wants Roman

Days of Our Lives’ Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) meets with Roman (Josh Taylor) and tells him their plan worked.  Roman has a flashback of visiting Hattie (Deidre Hall).  Roman told the warden that Bonnie (Judy Evans) is after Hattie. Kayla can’t believe they pulled this off.  Kayla flashes back to the switch.  Kayla was afraid of getting caught by someone in the family.


Kayla loves Marlena, but she’s only living on the vent at the moment.   The warden let Roman take Hattie out of prison. Hattie wants John to take her home. Roman tells Kayla they need to ask for guidance keeping Hattie in line.  Roman understands what this could cost Kayla.  Roman assures Kayla that Steve (Stephen Nichols) will be back soon.

John Urges Hattie To Be Careful

Days of Our Lives’ John (Drake Hogestyn) tells Hattie to take it down a notch.  John tells Hattie to try and channel Marlena. Hattie said she had everyone believing she was Marlena a while back.  Hattie demands John show a little appreciation for her.  John tells Hattie he is sorry, this is a life and death matter.  John tells Hattie she has to play the part.  John tells Hattie they don’t have time to get ready.  Hattie did this to try and reprieve herself a little bit.

John needs to know that he can depend on Hattie.  Hattie and John shake on it. Hattie wants John to take her home.  John reminds Hattie what Marlena suffered.  John tells her there is no hurry to go home.  Hattie and John shake on it. Hattie wants John to get her food from the pub and Roman.  John agrees to get Hattie a burger and fries.  John thanks Hattie and reminds her to be careful. Hattie asks John what happens if Marlena doesn’t recover.  John tells Hattie that Doc is coming back to him.

Kayla and Roman come to thank Hattie for helping them.  Kayla agrees to get food for Hattie.  Roman stays with Hattie while John checks on Marlena.   Hattie wants Roman to warm her up.  Hattie wants to send Abigail a gift. Roman tells Hattie no, Marlena wouldn’t do that.  Kayla takes John to Marlena.  John is sure Marlena will find a way back to them. John tells Kayla you never give up.

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