7 Things You Need To Know About Kristian Alfonso’s DOOL Character Hope Williams Brady

Days of our Lives Kristian Alfonso has played Hope Williams Brady since 1983, so what are 7 things you need to know about Hope that makes her Salem’s top cop and beloved daughter?   

1.    Hope Doesn’t Give Up Easily When She Wants Something

Hope set her eyes on Bo Brady early on and nothing was going to stand in her way. Hope even went as far as to stow away in a van with Bo Brady and Theo Carver to a women’s prison on the night.

Hope originally thought she could change Bo by buying him expensive gifts but she found out that was a very bad idea when Bo walked out on her 18th birthday party. However, they eventually made up and were together off and on for over 30 years.

Bo actually died in Hope’s arms after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor after being kidnapped and held captive for years.

2.    Hope Was Not Only Her Daddy’s Princess, But Princess Gina As well

7 Things You Need To Know About Kristian Alfonso's DOOL Character Hope Williams Brady

Stephano Dimera made a habit of messing with Salem residents lives and Hope was no different. After the Cruise of Deception where Hope disappeared, Stephano brainwashed and gave her the name Princess Gina, she was a great theft for him and actually had an affair with John Black at one point.

Doug always called Hope his princess but everyone was shocked to see Hope in this new light. Hope was always straight-laced and relatively honest until she became Princess Gina, then she was a Princess among thieves.

3.   Hope Became A Cop Just To Prove A Point

Hope Williams was a spoiled little rich girl but when Bo Brady made her mad, after breaking up with her over his brother’s death, Hope got annoyed and signed up for the police academy. Hope had a really rough start at first but finally became an officer and actually helped take down her boss.

Hope’s former enemy got killed in the takedown and she ended up separated from Bo at the time, but they eventually were reunited and that made the struggle worthwhile.

Hope is now Commissioner Brady of the Salem PD and works along-side her husband, Rafe Hernandez.

4.   Hope Pretended To Be Pregnant To Avoid Sleeping With Her Husband

Hope married Larry Welch because she was forced to do so by Stephano and his associates, who threatened to kill Bo if she didn’t do what she was told. However, Hope didn’t love Larry and had no intention of sleeping with him, so she faked medical records while working as a candy striper in the hospital. Hope took great pleasure in telling Larry she was pregnant with Bo’s child, unfortunately, no one told Bo.

When Bo found out about the pregnancy, he thought he had lost Hope for good, until Grandma Alice found out the truth and set up a meeting in the tunnels so that Hope could clue Bo in on the mess she had found herself in. Eventually, Hope had to fake a miscarriage and run away on a plane to escape one of her henchman guards.

[fvplayer src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnfgpWzf2M4″ splash=”https://sos-wp-media.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/DOOL-Promo.jpg” width=”730″ height=”400″]5.   Hope And Bo Faced Several Obstacles Before

Consuming Their Relationship

You would think that on a soap opera it would be easy for a couple to actually made love but not Bo and Hope. On her 18th birthday, they had every intention of making love however, her dad had a heart attack.

Bother Doug and Julie used Bo against Hope and pushed until she started dating Larry Welsh. Eventually, they accepted Bo who proposed to Hope after she was shot in the line of duty.

When Bo and Hope finally did make love, it was at Oak Alley Plantation in New Orleans while trying to find a prism that was swallowed by an alligator. Hope was almost waylaid for their meeting by gypsies but finally, after getting the guard drunk, Bo and Hope, dressed as Scarlett Ohara and Rhett Butler finally made love. Bo and Hope’s fans rejoiced until they ended up apart again.

6.   Hope Did Not End Up With Alice’s Donut Recipe

Hope is a great officer, mother, daughter, and friend but even Alice Horton didn’t trust her with her famous donut recipe. Alice’s donuts were famous in Salem and were even used to break Roman out of jail once.


Jennifer has been entrusted with the recipe and Grandma’s Donuts make an appearance on every holiday and special occasion.

7.   Hope Ran Away From Home And Was Almost Raped

Hope ran away from home and ended up staying at a seedy motel where two men were working raping young runaways and forcing them into prostitution. Hope met a man who was very nice to her and offered to buy her dinner, they were meeting a friend of his who was leaving town, or so he said.

When Hope arrived back at the motel, she invited her new friend into her room to wait for his friend to show up. The man tied Hope to a bed and tried to rape her. Bo came bursting through the door and saved Hope who was totally humiliated but it brought them closer in the end and became part of their great love story.

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