This Is Us Justin Hartley Talks About How He Relates With Kevin Pearson

This Is Us Justin Hartley Talks About How He Relates With Kevin Pearson

Justin Hartley left the role of Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless a year ago. He had hoped, at first, to do both shows, but it became too much. Since September 2016, Hartley’s focus has been This Is Us.

Hartley Understands Kevin Pearson

Justin said that when he first read the pilot episode, he knew he had to do the show. He just first so connected to the character. He understands his need to chase his dreams and doing whatever it took to achieve his dreams.

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However, Kevin differs from Justin’s personality in other ways, too.

“They wrote this character so that on the surface, you could say he’s arrogant, out of touch, selfish, but by the end of the show, you realize there is so much more going on with this guy,” Justin explained. “He’s just drowning in his own insecurity. What a vulnerable, truthful character.”

This Is Us Justin Hartley Talks About How He Relates With Kevin Pearson

This Is Us Is A Hit

This Is Us is a huge hit. The series had more viewership than any show had in over 13 years. The show was not just renewed for one season, but score two additions seasons before the Season 1 finale aired.

This is a success that Hartley has never experienced. He has had many roles on soap operas and even was a leading man of Y&R. However, to have so much prime-time success was a new thing for him. He hopes that even with his success, he can stay grounded to what he holds dear to his heart.

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“You always hear about ‘Southern hospitality’ and that’s a real thing, and you hear ‘Midwest values’ and that’s a real thing as well,” he says. “[It’s about] being down to earth, staying grounded and not believing all of your own press when things are going well, which helps you out when things aren’t going so well.”

What’s Ahead In Season 2?

Justin promises that the fans will see how Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimglima) died in Season 2. However, he said before they can reveal the cause of death, they must tell key moments that led to his untimely end.

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