Neighbours Spoilers: Dee Bliss’s Future After Shocking Return Scene

Neighbours Spoilers: Dee Bliss's Future After Shocking Return SceneA “juicy new saga,” involving Dee Bliss is about to explode on “Neighbours,” and fans won’t want to miss a minute of the action. This week viewers were shocked to see everybody’s favorite back-from-the-dead Aussie character, but what’s the real identity of this mystery woman? A show exec is spilling some particulars about the stunning appearance, and we have all the details here!

Fans had no warning that the glorious and talented star Madeleine West would appear out of nowhere this week, but there she was in all her glory, perched on a park bench with a decidedly mysterious stranger. Who exactly were we watching: Fake Dee, Real Dee, or someone yet to be determined? According to Channel 5 commissioner Greg Barnett, we’ll know soon enough, but not quite yet!

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In an interview with Digital Spy, the show exec did confirm one very exciting detail: whatever character that West is playing, fans can expect to see the beautiful blonde back on our screens. Without revealing if we spied Dee or Andrea (Fake Dee) on the park bench, Barnett admitted that the sighting was not a one-time thing. “We loved the audience response to Madeleine West’s return this year,” he explained. “Whether you were Team Dee or Team Andrea, the storyline got people talking.”

The showrunner went on to say that the sudser had planned a sequel to the sensational events in London all along, and that Madeleine’s latest presence is a harbinger of the future. “Was the mysterious woman on the park bench Dee or Andrea? And who was the man who sat down beside her? The answers lie in a juicy new saga waiting to be told,” Barnett teased in classic soap fashion.

A little backstory: Madeleine’s last appearance was as duplicitous Andrea Somers. She faked being the presumed-dead Dee, and wreaked havoc in Toadie’s (Ryan Moloney) life. Is he in for a repeat performance of his misery? Stay tuned to find out!

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