General Hospital Recap July 20: Sonny Joins Search For Spencer – Doubts Arise About Valentin – Obrecht finds Juicy Info On Hayden

General Hospital Spoilers: GH Recap Thursday July 20

Thursday’s July 20 episode of General Hospital begins with Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) discussing selling the restaurant. Laura (Genie Francis) arrives and informs them Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel) is missing. Laura blames Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and asks Sonny to use his influence to help find Spencer. Sonny will do whatever it takes to bring Spencer home.

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Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) calls Laura and asks her to come to the PCPD. Sonny says ironic as soon as he wants out of the business someone he loves pulls him back in. Sonny’s going to reach out to the five families and if anyone involved he’s going to retaliate.

Joss (Eden McCoy) arrives upset and blames herself for Spencer missing. They reassure her it’s not her fault. Sonny promises they’ll find Spencer.

Lucy (Lynn Herring) finds Finn (Michael Easton) at the nurses station and she has keys to his dream house. Finn is wondering what’s keeping Hayden (Rebecca Budig). Finn tells Lucy he almost feels sorry for Dr. Obrecht.

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Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gait) is sitting in an office searching the computer for information on Hayden. Hayden walks in and asks why she’s still at the hospital. Dr. Obrecht tells Hayden she has ruined her life. Hayden says she only has herself to blame and throws her out of the office.

Dr. Obrecht walks out and Hayden follows her. Dr. Obrecht sees Lucy says she should have taken advantage of her singing talent at the Nurses Ball when she had the chance. Dr. Obrecht tells Finn no hard feelings and predicts bright future for him and his offspring. Later Dr. Obrecht is drinking wine at Metro Court still searching her computer for information on Hayden. She finds an article online about Hayden to wed a Jared Preston. Dr. Obrecht calls Jared and asks to meet with him the sooner the better.

General Hospital Spoilers: GH Recap Thursday July 20

Lucy gives Finn and Hayden a tour of the house but will leave them alone to discuss it. Lucy leaves for another appointment. Hayden tells Finn this house is similar to where she grew up and brings back memories. Finn suggests they start making new memories immediately. Later they’re getting dressed and Lucy arrives. They have no complaints about the house and are ready to make an offer.

Dante is reading the paper with Spencer’s handwriting. Dante arrests Valentin. Valentin insists this is a mistake. Valentin says Spencer dropped his notes so his picked it up and put it in his pocket. Nathan (Ryan Paevey) mentions the wrongful death law suit Spencer filed. Valentin admits he was angry at Spencer but never land a hand on him. Nathan leaves to check on Valentin’s alibi.

Valentin insists to Nina (Michelle Stafford) he would never hurt a child. Nina isn’t certain and wants to believe in him for Charlotte’s sake. He asks if she sees a monster when she looks at him. Nina sees a man she believes.

Laura arrives to PCPD. Dante asks her about her statements made earlier. Laura insists Valentin did it. An eye witness arrives and picks Valentine’s picture as the suspect. The eye witness wipes her glasses and Dante asks her about her vision. She insists Valentin took Spencer but Dante realizes she’s lying.

Laura screams to Dante she knows Valentin is guilty and runs in the interrogation room. Laura demands Valentin tell her where Spencer is. Nina defends Valentin. Valentin says charge me or let me go. Dante tells Laura they can’t arrest Valentin yet. Nathan walks in and says Valentine’s alibi didn’t check out. Valentin swears he was at the court house. As Valentin is being walked to a jail cell he tells Nina she is right about him no matter what they tell her.

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