General Hospital News: William deVry Teases Julexis’ Future – Still Hope For Couple?

General Hospital Star William deVry Offers Inside Scoop On 'GH' Faves Julian and AlexisWhen it comes to favorite couples on General Hospital, fans adore Julian and Alexis. But just as happened with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, life (even on soap operas) sometimes throws curve balls. And while William deVry definitely is firmly entrenched at General Hospital, his role as convict Julian Jerome doesn’t seem to give GH’s bad boy much of a chance for romance.

Can Bad Boy Julian Continue With Alexis?

However, in the world of Port Charles, never say never when it comes to the skill of General Hospital’s writers. Reflecting on exactly how the romance between Julian and Alexis, known as “Julexis,” can continue, William deVry believes the relationship can blossom.

GH Star William DeVry News And Updates 

Julexis’ past is complex, however. Remember when Julian threatened the life of Alexis, taking the implications of that threat to the next level by grasping the same dagger used by Helena to slay her mom?

General Hospital Star William deVry Offers Inside Scoop On 'GH' Faves Julian and Alexis

From Threats To Flowers And Candy?

Given Julian’s reputation as a convicted bad boy on General Hospital, even lovers of romance who look at life through rose-colored glasses might feel dubious that the guy can go from threats to sweet gestures such as flowers and candy for Alexis.

But as General Hospital star deVry pointed out, in a soap opera world, anything is possible. Looking back at what his character did, the actor termed it a “delicate balance when you’re looking at what made him do what he did.”
However, given that it is a soap opera, deVry also noted that the writers can’t become crusaders for every psychological problem that exists.

“We’re doing a soap opera and I don’t think anyone can forget that,” emphasized the actor.” I want to say this delicately, but we can’t always be a crusader for every issue. We’re a soap opera.”

General Hospital’s History For Restoring Splintered Couples

Carly and Sonny often had challenges that made it seem like the end. But repeatedly, the two have reunited. Even Alan and Monica found a way to make their relationship survive in the wake of his wild attempt to cause a dangerous crisis for his wife and her sweetheart Rick Webber.

And there’s one more clue that deVry dished up when it comes to how General Hospital’s storyline can restore Julian’s and Alexis’ romance. The actor hinted that there could be an unsuspected reason for what the bad boy did.

“It’s important to note that so far it’s been Julian’s word as to why he did what he did,” pointed out deVry.
In other words, he’s confident that General Hospital viewers will see Julian return to Port Charles and Alexis’ world.

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