Emmerdale Spoilers: Nell Fairfax Leaving Dales, Scarlett Archer Exits Soap

Emmerdale Spoilers: Nell Fairfax Leaving Dales, Scarlett Archer Exits SoapEmmerdale seems to be suffering an insane amount of cast stars departing. And Nell Fairfax (played by Scarlett Archer) is the latest in a long line to also leave the Dales. The young star only joined the soap in March of this year and her departure seems premature. So why is she the latest to leave the soap?

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Nell has not always been the most likable character but she has truly helped Jai with his drug addiction, what will happen when she leaves? A Source has said that it “will have a massive impact on Jai,” does this mean that after Nell leaves that Jai will be back on drugs?

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It took him a long time to start being healthy again and most of that was down to Nell. It seems likely that Jai is in for a rough time when Nell departs.

But as we know it is not just small characters like Nell who are leaving, we have also been hit by Thomas Atkinson (Lachlan White), Louise Marwood (Chrissie White), Jonathan Wrather (Pierce Harris), John Bowe (Lawrence White) and many more are leaving too! The soap is soon to be in desperate need of new characters.

There are of course rumours about the show’s producer Iain Mcleod and his treatment of the actors. It is being said that he does not care for the older characters and is favouring finding new talent, according to EastEnders’ Ross Kemp.  That’s exactly what seems to be happening as many of the old favourites are leaving. But, there is yet to be an influx of exciting new characters!

It is in the coming weeks the Nell will leave the show with what seems to be an explosive story line on her way out. But a source told the Daily Star that “viewers will not be disappointed with her exit.”

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