EastEnders Spoilers: Ted’s Shocking Decision – Will Justice Be Served?

EastEnders Spoilers: Ted's Shocking Decision - Will Justice Be Served?EastEnders spoilers indicate that Ted Murray (Christopher Timothy) shot Jonny Carter (Sam Strike), but he is hiding this from the police. His wife Joyce Murray (Maggie Steed) lied to the cops and told them it was her fault that Jonny ended up in hospital on the same day of the explosion. But will Ted’s crime finally come to surface?

According to spoilers for the BBC soap, this week is set to be dramatic for the old married couple. They must face the tough choice of staying in Walford and facing their lies or leaving to live out their last years in peace.

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Ted will see the mess he has created and will concoct a plan to run away to Australia, his son lives there and he thinks this is the perfect plan to escape the law. Joyce however is very uncertain about this plan. She has been in emotional turmoil over the shooting but she loves her husband.

It is Patrick (Rudolph Walker) who will plant the idea into Ted’s mind, after he scares Ted talking about prison and the harsh reality he would face if convicted. Ted believes he would not survive in prison, he is old and soft. Joyce will eventually agree to his mad plan, which is unsurprising, she did after all agree to lie about the shooting in the first place. We will see them getting their affairs in order as they scramble to escape before the court date.

But will the Murray’s leave for Australia successfully? Or will they get caught trying to escape? We will find out this Thursday, the fate of the Murray’s is still up in the air. But one thing is for sure, Ted will be off our screens, whether it be down under or a prison cell is yet to be determined.

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