EastEnders Spoilers: Dean Gaffney Wants To Make A Few Changes To BBC Soap

 EastEnders Spoilers: Dean Gaffney Wants To Make A Few Changes To BBC SoapDean Gaffney played Robbie Jackson from 1993 to 2003. He is best known for his loveable personality on EastEnders, a constant source of comedy and fun. The soap star made an appearance in Walford this year but it has been revealed he’s not too happy with the direction the show is heading in.

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Gaffney told The Express that the show is too dark and wishes it could be lighter. He said this, “I think the show needs more comedy…. Someone with a bit more comedy needs to definitely come back.” Dean reminisced about times when Ross Kemp, Nigel Bates and Shaun Williamson were on our screens. He believes the show was better when there were some light-hearted story lines mixed in.

It’s not hard to see why Dean thinks this, we have to admit the soap has become rather dark of late. With plots of dark revenge and traumatic explosions. We love the big drama but there has been very little good humour. But what do you prefer? Is intense drama the way to go, or would you like some fun mixed in too?

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It looks like Dean may get what he wants too. As his character Robbie is going to delve into the world of online dating. A topic not often covered in the soaps, but one with a huge comedic potential. Will Dean be lucky in love? Or find himself in some unfortunate circumstances with strangers?His funny personality should mean that either way, were in for a real treat. His experience finding romance will be a relief from the usual dark and sad plot lines. He hinted to The Express, that the dating will be through the social media platform Instagram. But will it be insta-love for the soap favourite?

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