EastEnders’ Shrimpy Takes Center Stage

EastEnders' Shrimpy Takes Center StageDo you know who Shrimpy is on EastEnders? No. Neither did we, until last week! You may recognize the man from countless back ground shots in the soap. He is often seen in the market on a stall and in the Queen Vic enjoying a pint. But last week he was for the very first time given a speaking roll!

Shrimpy is played by Ben Champniss. He has been an extra on EastEnders since 2015. He’s been in over a hundred episodes of the soap (one hundred and twelve to be precise). But that is not all he has been in. The actor was in Harry Potter! He played a parent in Deathly Hallows Part Two. And he also played a prisoner of war in X-men. It seems that Ben has had quite the career in extra work. None of his roles up to this point have been speaking, hopefully this is a new career path for Ben.

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In EastEnders last week he managed to get twenty quid out of young Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) after his dog defiled a box of the man’s hats, which were to be sold. He was very annoyed by the dog’s bad behaviour and marched up to Keanu demanding compensation.

This may seem like a very small story line, but you would be surprised by the reaction of some fans! As many have watched him in the back ground for years. He has become a familiar face on the square and viewers were thrilled that he was no longer a silent character.


But the big question is, was this a one off? Will Shrimpy become a regular in the soap? Could he in fact become a proper character instead of an extra? Would you want the extra to take centre stage in the square?

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